Are you a modern BFSI marketer? Here are 4 things digital you just can’t miss

In the last one year alone in India,

  • 22% increase in users browsing for financial products
  • 10% increase in visits to BFSI brand websites
  • 30% increase in lead submissions on BFSI websites

The banking, insurance and financial services industries are undeniably undergoing a digital transformation as we speak. Marketers in BFSI are high pressed to drive revenue from digital channels as opposed to a few years back when their sole focus was the brand.

Consumers these days access BFSI brands through several touchpoints – online and offline. It is imperative for marketers to create a consistent, relevant and personalized experience for their users across all channels.


If you are a digital marketer of a bank, insurance or financial services company with an ultimatum to drive digital revenue, you should definitely get your hands on these resources. They will serve as the perfect starting point for you to comprehend the task at your hand and the enormous revenue potential of your digital channels such as your Website, Facebook, Display, Email, Push and SMS. It is, in fact the ultimate BFSI marketing kit.

1. The 16 step guide to scaling up digital revenue in BFSI:

This guide takes you through 16 steps, one at a time, on how you should gather online and offline data to get a unified view of your user and personalize messaging across various digital channels to drive revenue.


2. Growth recipes for New-To-Bank users

The two key sources of revenue for a Banking marketer are from New-To-Bank users and Existing customers. Here are a list of 4 unique use cases on how you can create a relevant experience for your NTB users and push them quicker down the sales funnel.


3. Growth recipes for Existing customers

Identifying existing customers from your pool of website visitors and being able to upsell/cross-sell relevant products and services is indispensable to boost retention and drive incremental revenue.


4. Website personalization

An intelligent marketer would make the best use of his ‘owned’ channels to engage with his users before venturing ‘paid’ avenues. Your website is your primary digital asset and it doesn’t cost you marketing dollars to contextualise conversations with users. Discover 6 unique ways in which you can personalize messaging for your website visitors – existing customers and new users – and grow your digital revenue at optimized costs.


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Yash Vardhan

Yash handles product and content marketing at Vizury. Apart from writing he has a keen interest in design, traveling, and playing video games.

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