4 Ways to Segment Users with Vizury Engage and Boost Your Marketing ROI

Is it difficult to merge data from siloed data sources and create marketing segments?

Do you have standard segments that you run 365 days a year?

Is it tough or maybe impossible to create out-of-the-box segments to test any of your hypothesis?

Is your segment-type limited by the features available in your current tools?

If your answer to any/all of these questions is YES, then your marketing efforts need a big boost. Performance of any marketing campaign can be easily improved by creating well-defined segments that help you reach right set of users. Here are 4 ways in which Engage can help you build the right user segments and power your marketing efforts.

Types of Segments

  1. Pre-defined segments:
    Vizury’s rich experience in each of the verticals has resulted in repertoire of use cases. Vizury Engage comes with pre-defined segments specific to every vertical.
    For Insurance – a) premium due date b) cross-sell based on life stage
    For Banks – a) personal loans based on account history b) credit card
    For All Verticals – a) search campaign clickers b) email clickers4-ways-to-segment-users-autosegment
  2. Rule- based segments:
    Engage gives you the option to customize segmentation rules. Based on your marketing goals, you could come-up with your own list of rules. After onboarding data from multiple sources, data for each of the rules is generated and made available in our world-class UI. You could create new targetable segments using any combination of these rules/groups. Rules can be added at any given point of time, but there will always be limitations on the number of rules and their usage.4-ways-to-segment-users-rule-based-segment
  3. Programmatic segments based on behavioral attributes:
    Vizury Engage’s proprietary algorithms can tell you out if a set of users are good to acquire, convert and engage. Such segments are executed by our customer success team after getting all the required approvals. For example, a predictive user score can be one fundamental algo-based segment.
  4. Discover:
    Since all your data is onboarded onto Vizury Engage, you have access to Vizury’s big query interface – Discover. At times, you might want to evaluate a marketing hypothesis and run campaigns around certain set of users. Any type of analysis is possible on the onboarded data and some of this analysis can be marketing centric. For example, you could find out how many of your loyal customers from the apparels category are looking at electronics. That’s not all. With Engage, you can save the output of a query as a marketing segment and market to those users as well.

Vizury Engage-4-ways-to-segment-users-discover

How each of these segments are helpful

Each type of segmentation has its own benefits and can help you achieve specific objectives.


Future of Segmentation:

Finally, I leave you with the 3 important things to look for while evaluating a marketing platform.

  1. Verticalization:
    High level of verticalization of segments is required to improve the performance. The way BFSI clients look at their registered segments is different than that of online fashion brands.

  2. Scale:
    Supporting hundreds of segments will be an interesting problem to solve.
  3. Channel Orchestration:
    Once segmented, how to reach a user with right message at right time on right channel.

Looking for an all in one 360 solution to grow marketing ROI?

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