5 Game of Thrones characters that are using your app

Originally posted on: Daily Social

When people aren’t talking about Brexit or getting used to the fact that Trump isn’t some elaborate extraterrestrial hoax, they’re probably watching the Game of Thrones season finale on loop trying to wrap their minds around the sheer awesomeness of all the bloodshed and gore. If the ‘Battle of the Bastards’ made up for an otherwise underwhelming season, ‘Winds of Winter’ did all that and much more, a true return to the kind of intense storytelling the TV show has formed a cult around. Several seemingly muddled plot lines fell into place, setting up perfectly for the great war next season.

Walking into work on Tuesday morning, our mind was playing the episode over and over again so much that there was a metaphorical spilling over of sorts. We imagined dragons were delivering office memos, and there was something in the cafeteria kitchen that looked suspiciously like wildfire. Anyway, we decided to put this bizarre train of though to productive use, so here’s a comparison of app users to characters on our favorite show on HBO. After all, all men must buy!


Ned Stark

Honest, righteous always stood up for what’s right.

The Ned Stark from the App world is a frequent app visitor, engages with your emails, clicks on your Push but never buys. What will it take to make Ned buy at least once?

Jon Snow

He’s the braveheart! King of the North, he inspires others. Loved by all, just the thought of his death was heart breaking, wasn’t it?

Your Jon Snow user is extremely engaged and inspired his friends to get your app as well. How we wish he never uninstalled the app…

Petyr Baelish

The ever-scheming, self-made Lord. He never does anything without hidden benefits and you couldn’t guess what’s on his mind.

Petyr Baelish is forever scouting for new offers. He downloads your app, avails the offer and then he hits the UNINSTALL button!

 Arya Stark

Confused and always on the run. The Starks, the Lannisters and many others have been trying to find her but in vain.

Arya downloads your app and visits so many different pages within an hour. Apparels, Networking Devices, Home Furnishings, Men’s Shoes, Books, Games, Mountain Climbing Gear and Fragrances! What does she want really? You’re confused, aren’t you?

Tyrion Lannister

Clever, always vocal about his feelings and has as a fine taste for the pleasures of the world. But remember, he always pays his debts.

Your Tyrion Lannister is no less. From coolers to shirts, everything he buys is premium and just wow. He’s almost always loyal; but that one delayed delivery and you must face his Twitter-wrath.

Every user on your app is different and it takes a lot of personalization to connect with all of them. Tell us how you engage with these GoT characters that are using your app. Also, check out this story of a typical app user – everything that happens from the day a user installs an app till he hits the uninstall button.

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