5 key takeaways from the Customer Data Platform Masterclass

Last week, we had an enriching masterclass with David Raab, Founder of CDP Institute where he spoke about the role of Customer Data Platform (CDP) in increasing the online market share of businesses.

I have extracted 5 specific sections from the master class that you may find very valuable.

1. What is Customer Data Platform (CDP) ?

In this 40 second section, David throws light on the official definition of CDP

2. The ONE MAIN function of Customer Data Platform 

The one main function of customer data platform CDP as explained by David in this short 50-second section is to link the identities of people across various channels such as email, SMS, mobile etc and then use this unified data for delivery and decisions.

3. How do we differentiate between CDP vs Other Systems( DMP, DW, Marketing cloud etc)?

Following the functioning of CDP, David goes on to differentiate between CDP vs Other Systems in this detailed 5-minute section.


4. Decisioning and Delivery 

Following the comparison, the next 1-minute section David emphasises on how delivery and decision systems are becoming an integral part of CDP systems. Extending the context, later in the video, there is also a discussion about how Vizury is one of the early pioneers that has identified this feature and is offering it through Ramanujan and omnichannel hyper-personalization

5. When is the RIGHT TIME to consider CDP?

A question that marketers often ask is when is the right time to get a CDP and David addresses this for us in this 90-second section where he refers to CDP as the foundation of a marketers digital system.

Well, these were just the highlights. There were many other aspects that were taken up during the masterclass. You can access the complete recording of the Masterclass here.

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