5 Tips for A Kick-Ass Banner Ad

The holiday season has just begun and online shoppers have more reason to rejoice this year due to a clutter of deals and offers. This means competition. Read our blog on how to beat it. Retargeting comes in handy to stand out in the frenzy of ads out there.

With advanced technologies deployed in retargeting, you can personalize ads for buyers in real-time. Here are 5 key aspects that make a kick-ass banner ad.

Vizury Creative

While in Rome… Geography is one of the biggest contributors for the design. The regional and socio-cultural environment informs the preferences of the consumer. For example we see a much better appetite for a larger palette of colors and animations amongst Chinese buyers. We attribute the diverse color palette to the ones used in their religious and cultural setups.


As you like it: Retargeting banners often work best when a combination of recommendations or choices are provided to the user. However the ways in which one recommends products are also specific for every industry. For e-commerce buyers, providing brand recommendations works better than product recommendations. But the reverse holds true for luxury brands.

Pink or Blue? Gender is another major determinant in terms of the kind of messaging, color palette and the nature of goods one can cross-sell/ upsell with the products browsed by the buyer.

No reasons attached: Buyers not only purchase out of need but also to accomplish a sense of discovery (very often seen with books, movies, songs etc) or complete a series of collectibles (very often seen with sports and historic memorabilia). In such cases there is little urgency except what is induced by the seller and a sense of closure is generally sought for such goods, making banner a key actor in the entire play.

Read between the lines: The point in the purchase funnel, called the ‘Stage’, that the customer drops-off at (eg. Landing page, product page, shopping cart etc) indicates his/her readiness to consume the product. For example: if user A has dropped off your website from the category stage for backpack indicates that he is evaluating his options. So a multi-product banner with 4 or more backpack recommendations would work. Whereas if he had added a backpack to his shopping cart shows he has made his decision. In such a case, showing an ad with just that backpack would make him come back and buy it. Hence, pertinent messaging helps bring a faster closure to the purchase cycle.

The future of personalization is at the intersection of customer transaction history, context and intent. Do your ads have the emotional hook to draw buyers? Tell us about it.

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