Tips to boost customer satisfaction and drive up Ecommerce Sales

Ecommerce sales has created tremendous opportunities for businesses and entrepreneurs. In fact, statistics by Mintel suggest that 70 percent of consumers now shop online. If you aren’t implementing e-commerce as part of your business plan, you are missing out on an extremely large chunk of the market.

However, there are many challenges that the e-commerce sector faces. For one, ecommerce is more detached than brick and mortar retail.

Here, customers purchase products on their computer/phone possibly thousands of miles away from the warehouses that actually store these products.

Despite this often distant relationship, customer service is extremely important to create long term business.

On that note, here are five ways to increase your customer satisfaction. Consequently, these can boost customer retention and your ecommerce sales too.

Avoid Outsourced and Offshored Customer Support Services for ecommerce sales

If a consumer experiences a problem in a retail store, obtaining help quickly from employees isn’t too difficult. The same can’t be said for the ecommerce sales experience. You must provide customer support to online shoppers as well even if that requires extra effort.

Many companies, however, simply outsource customer support to call centers. This is often a mistake. According to research by the MIT Sloan School of Management, customer satisfaction drops significantly when customer support services are outsourced to foreign countries.

Consider Live Chat

You should also consider alternatives to customer service provided over the phone as well. One good option is a live chat. A customer can load the chat through a pop-up instant messaging system on the company website and discuss his or her problems with a company representative.

For many people, this is far more convenient than having to make a phone call and wait for on-hold for an extended period to finally talk to a human being. The consumers would already be using the internet when accessing the website. Thus, it allows them to multi-task while waiting for the chat representative as opposed to having to focus all their attention on a phone call.

Increase Customer Engagement

One way to increase customer satisfaction, as well as long term customer loyalty, is to increase customer engagement. If customers feel their input with the company matters, they are more likely to continue supplying that company with repeat business.

Make sure you have a customer engagement program in place. Interacting with customers through the use of social media accounts or apps are two proven methods of keeping customers engaged with a company’s products and brand.

Streamline Your Shipping Processes

One of the most important parts of any ecommerce sales business is its shipping logistics. You need to have the infrastructure and partners in place to make sure the process of shipping products from your warehouse to customers is as smooth and transparent as possible.

Invest in equipment like conveyor systems to assist warehouse employees in quickly preparing products for shipment. Also, provide shipment tracking with alerts so that customers know exactly where their package is at any given time. This can lower the frustration caused by customers concerned about their packages becoming lost. Without tracking, customers can feel left in the dark.

Focus on Mobile Optimization 

One fact about the internet in the modern era is that it has largely switched from something people connect to on personal computers and laptops to something people connect to with their phones.

As such, mobile optimization is vitally important to maintaining customer satisfaction with ecommerce websites. According to statistics, the number of mobile users viewing online retail stores exceeded PC users quite some time ago. Therefore, it has made mobile optimization something that you must attend. If an online store is difficult to navigate on a small touch screen, chances are you will lose a good deal of your business to the competition.

Overall, maintaining high customer satisfaction takes some work. In the eCommerce sales world, you need a lot of technical work to ensure customers remain happy with a company. It also requires the human touch to make customers feel valued individually. In many ways, making a conscious effort in this direction is the first and most important step to getting it right.

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