7 Mobile Marketing Trends 2016

2016 is going to be the year of customers and mobile. Mobile is the most preferred device for online transactions and brands are focusing on building customer-centric mobile app engagements. Here are 7 emerging trends through the year of Monkey.

  1. Mobile Commerce will continue to grow but desktop stays: Last year, over 40% of online transactions globally were on mobile. In mobile-first markets like Middle East, India and SEA, mobile apps generated almost 2X more conversions than desktop. In 2016, mobile commerce grows stronger but desktop continues to generate significant revenue worldwide. Brands will re-optimize their desktop and mobile marketing mix this year.
  2. “On-the-go” shopping is here to stay: A trend that got popular last holiday season will continue to grow all through 2016. While waiting for the bus or in the queue to buy movie tickets, shoppers will never miss a chance to cart products on their hand-held.
  3. Location aware and real-time marketing gain significance: All through 2016, staying relevant in the customer’s present will become a pre-requisite. The impetus on connecting the online-offline dots is greater than ever before in 2016.
  4. Optimization and sync: Marketers will strive to synchronize marketing across different channels and devices. For mobile, a synergy between different touch points will be explored.
  5. Cross-device: Customer one-view and engaging mobile customers on desktop will be crucial this year. Brands will explore options beyond Facebook to go cross-device.
  6. Use of data for marketing: Customer touch-points keep multiplying and marketers will be forced to look at cross-device transactional data with a whole new perspective.
  7. Personalized content: This is also going to be a year when personalization in marketing communication will take prominence. With customized push and social ads, personalization will grow to another level this year.

This is going to be an exciting year for mobile marketers. With so much changing, we look forward to an “Appy 2016”.


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