Launching Vizury Reach- Acquiring New Customers is Now Easy!

Spends on internet marketing surpassed newspaper for the first time ever in 2013, accounting for 21% of the total ad spends globally. It was second only to television, which was a distant 40%. This number is set go northwards and reach 27% in 2016 as global ad spends climb up to $600bn.

Internet Spend projection- Vizury Reach

Internet spend will increase to 27% of the global ad spend in 2016.

Ad Age:

Search is the most popular form of internet advertising constituting up to 40% of total internet marketing spends followed by display ads at 26% and social media at 18%.


Startling numbers aren’t they? Brands have been spending billions of dollars on their internet ads and no doubt these ads are helping them generate revenues. Otherwise, it doesn’t make much sense for them to keep spending, does it?

However, only 1 in 4 marketers out there are able to quantify their impact on the business.

Marketing Charts

The average click-through rate for an online display ad is 0.1%. For every 1000 people who look at your ad, only one person clicks on it. The other 999 people either don’t find the ad relevant or interesting enough.

56% of the ads served by Google’s DoubleClick are never seen.

Digital Marketing Stats

It is a similar story, a little better with social media. CTR for Facebook is 0.1% while Twitter fares better with 1 – 3%. Twitter ads are far more expensive than FB ads though.

Smart Insights

So, how do you make your ads more effective and realize your ROI?

The answer is simple – It’s all about smart commerce – show your ads only to those with a purchase intent rather than casting a wide net on the world wide web and hope that relevant personas will look at your ad.

Imagine the surge in your website traffic and an eventual but sure translation to conversions if you could focus your spends only on your target audience.

The latest addition to our product suite, Vizury Reach does just that for you.

Reach cuts through the clutter and tells you whom to show your ad to. The complex and very efficient algorithm profiles users based on what they have been searching for on the web, frequency of their visits to certain websites, amount of time they have been spending on websites, what devices are they using to do all this and many such behavioral attributes.

Once the users are identified and profiled our massive media network ensures that you can reach this specific set of audience anywhere, anytime.

Reach does all the number crunching to figure out that for example, person with cookie/device id VIZxxx12345 has displayed a strong purchase intent for watches and must be targeted with your watch collection on desktop/mobile web/mobile app. It cannot get more specific than that.

How is this different from our retargeting product Vizury Convert? While Convert goes after your existing website users, Reach focuses on driving relevant new users to your website.

Some results from our initial beta campaigns across different verticals – the new user ratio on ecommerce websites spiked up from 22% to 63%. Banking brands managed to acquire new customers at 58% lesser cost than CRM retargeting.

New user ratio with Vizury Reach

If you are looking to grab a larger market share with an impetus on the ROI, Reach is just what you need. Reach will help you spend your marketing budget intelligently, improve your CTR and generate significantly greater returns. Your quarterly review meetings are about to get happier!

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