Ad Blockers: Why So Serious?

In a recent interview with NDTV Prime’s “All About Ads Prime” I was talking about the growing trend of ad blockers and how this in turn affects online advertising. Here are my thoughts on how online advertising will shape up in the years to come.
Online advertising across publisher websites has become a necessity for brands to attract eyeballs and generate ROI. But with the rising usage of ad blockers, what happens to online advertising and how can brands & publishers cope with this change?


To answer this question, let’s look at why users block ads in the first place. Most of us visit publisher websites for rich content; but too many roll-out banner ads and obtrusive ads have become the norm on publisher websites today. Websites appear to be advertising billboards rather than rich sources of content, this could be annoying to the user and the trend of adoption of ad blockers is quickly catching up.

Does this impact the publishers alone? The online advertising ecosystem has three entities – advertisers – these are the folks with ad-spend budgets, the publishers with rich content that attract audience and the ad tech companies who power innovation, technology and in creating platform to help advertisers & publishers, achieve their objectives better.

Now the way i see it, ad blockers will rather act as catalysts to the above three key players in the ecosystem; say, to advertisers in being a lot more picky & adamant around “enriched user experience” so that brand value does not publishers, in coming up with “richer content” so that the user continues to be hooked on for the right reasons i.e content and finally, the ad tech companies out there to pull up their socks and deliver an overall experience to the ecosystem that ensures that the brands enjoy better & positive recall, publishers get a better payout for coming up engaging content and ensuring great user experience in a non-obtrusive manner.

How Vizury, enables this experience to the ecosystem is a great case study. Vizury, does not blindly bombard the user across the web without even considering if the user is the right one to go after, keeping the pool of advertiser brands in mind. What this means is, Vizury makes sure that the right user > gets to see the right brand > at the right time > on the right publisher website > in an ad-format and most importantly only that many no of times to ensure, no brand-fatigue is at the core of our business strategy and all of this without interfering, with the user experience. The science behind the delivering to the above principle, is derived from Vizury’s strong data capabilities & understanding the user behaviour better.

So if I were to sum up, ad-blockers will help in making sure that only the right set of users will get to see the ads of relevant brands and on relevant websites and here is where big data & tech companies, such as Vizury will play a pivotal role. And as companies like Vizury make sure that there is no carpet bombing of static & non-dynamic ads across networks, most relevant slots on publisher websites will command a premium price and concerned advertisers will be willing to pay higher $CPM, for such slots. These ads will command a premium price also because, the RoI for advertisers will be much better than just random pray & spray of ads.

While i don’t subscribe to the thought that ad blocking is a the solution to unwarranted ads, it definitely will bring the focus back on data driven targeting technology and creative innovation, which will help in making sure that the entire ecosystem stands benefitted.

This will enable brands to drive online advertising to newer frontiers of personalized and relevant ads that are carefully crafted with user privacy completely taken care of.

What do you think? I would love to hear your thoughts around this.

Also, here’s the complete video, do take a look if you have missed the telecast.

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