Affiliate Data Sharing Tips- Setting up a Framework for Sharing Data [PM Video Series 02]

“Affiliate data sharing” has been around for a while now, yet the buzz doesn’t fade away. Why?

As brands go on to work with a motley group of affiliates, managing their individual data needs turns nightmarish. Channel partners, online aggregators, ad partners, agencies – the list of affiliates is endless with their unique data needs. While a price comparison site might need product (catalog) data only, sophisticated channels like retargeting need both user-intent and product data.

Wondering why you need a framework or a process to manage data? Well, here is what could go wrong:

Data security: Safe-guarding personally identifiable information (PII) or other sensitive data needs to be a part of the brand’s DNA. Like disaster recovery solutions, everyone knows it is important but rarely is anything done till it’s too late.

User experience: If not done right, how you distribute data can impact other systems which may hamper users’ experience with your brand/website. For e.g. badly engineered affiliate tags could bring website page loads to a crawl.

Consistent and correct messaging: Imagine the after-taste when a user sees and clicks on an ad for a discount offer that actually expired days ago! Not great, right? Messaging is important and advertisers should moderate what affiliates say to potential customers.

Sub-optimal ROI: If affiliates aren’t enabled with the right data, advertisers are actually getting in the way of their delivering the best results they are capable of.

Working with hundreds of clients, we are no strangers to the aforementioned challenges. To make lives easier, we have come up with a handy three step framework to effectively visualize, monitor and enhance the data input setup. You begin with segregating the data then build a data dictionary to map the different data sources to your affiliates.

And, voila, the right set of people get the right set of information in the right frequency.

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