How AI in push notification platform can strengthen your marketing funnel

The widespread penetration of smartphones and high-speed internet have been a game-changer for marketers in recent times. It brings in a slew of opportunities for marketers to communicate with their users on their mobile devices. However, engaging the users with marketing communications still remains an uphill task for marketers.

Among all the marketing channels, push notifications have become the cynosure for a marketer’s eye in recent times. The choice is obvious due to the sheer number of mobile users they can expect to reach on a mobile device. There are approximately 8.97 billion mobile connections and 5.13 billion unique mobile subscribers globally in 2019. Hence, there is a staggering opportunity for marketers to sell their products, even if only a fraction of these users actually converts.

Despite the impressive numbers, there is a bone of contention for marketers. Sending the right push message to the right users is the primary challenge that all marketers face. This is because, billions of users signifies billions of buyer persona. Therefore, sending personalised push notifications according to these many buyer’s persona is practically a seemingly impossible task. No wonder that the overall push notification reaction rate stands at 7.8% in 2019.

The success of push notification platform campaigns depends on several factors. However, sticking to some of the criterias are mandatory for getting the most out of your marketing efforts. Read on to know what are those, and how you can leverage them to improve your push notification ROI.

Impact on Push notifications

Web App Push notifications are server-to-user messages containing marketable information about a product or service. They are clickable messages, which redirect the users to the relevant pages once they click on them. 

Since push notifications enable marketers to reach their users on their own media, it becomes a cost-effective solution for them. Marketers can measure the push notification performance by tracking the CTRs and the conversion rate among others. The transparency in the measurement of the push campaigns along with features like easy and real-time delivery, message personalization according to audience segmentation through an automated process makes it a powerful tool for marketers.

Besides, push notification platforms are direct messages to the users. Marketers can leverage this channel to engage users at any stage of the marketing funnel, i.e. acquisition, engagement, conversion and retention. However, creating push messages and strategizing a campaign that can perform all these are easier to say than accomplish.

As mentioned earlier, communicating with your users through push notifications are tough. Therefore, unless your push messages are relevant or attractive, your users might ignore it. Understanding and designing push notifications according to each users’ interest is a tedious task, thus the situation becomes tough for marketers. 

This is where you can leverage the capabilities of artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms called IntelliRec to improve the performance of your push notification campaigns. It helps you to implement an array of tasks including segmentation, scheduling, delivery of push notifications, and so on. 

The IntelliRec algorithms enable you to launch push campaigns based on product recommendations. Hence, it is crucial that you know the basic working of it. The following section explains the key features of the IntelliRec algorithm. It helps in making your push campaigns more engaging by increasing the CTRs by 3X than your current campaigns.

AI & ML in Push notification

Before we start exploring the capabilities of IntelliRec algorithm from Vizury, you need to know the types of push messages that you can run. Push notification platform can usually messages through two variations: 

(a)  Static Push Notifications

(b)  Dynamic ads/push notification customization

i) Static Push Notification

The static push notifications are usually sent to users belonging to a broad category. It is a kind of broadcast notification, which is sent across devices to distribute information that are generally informative. For example, a seasonal sale or a new product launch could be sent to users to inform them of the event.  Now, you can usually send the static push notifications to announce some general information. It does not require too much personalization or customizations. However, another form of static push notification is known as ‘product waiting in cart” notification. This is a similar form of static broadcast push notifications, but sent to a more specific group without disclosing any product information.  These forms of messages can improve the conversion rate among users who are compulsive buyers. However, since most of the broadcast notifications are not personalized, you might end up losing out on potential customers if they find the messages irrelevant. So, if you are looking to overcome this issue, Dynamic ads or push notification customization platform can be a solution to it. 

ii) Dynamic ads/push notification customization : The smart push with IntelliRec

The dynamic ads/push notification customization feature from IntelliRec works on the principle of banner personalization. It helps in creating a more relevant message over push notification, based on the interest of the target audience.

Additionally, depending upon the personalization extent, you can improve the user experience, and boost the conversion rate by 3X or more. However, in order to leverage the full potential of IntelliRec, you need to understand its working.

Technically, IntelliRec algorithm works on the basis of a serving logic that simplifies the process of recommendations. It works by recommending products using user history and current interests. In other words, IntelliRec uses machine learning models to analyze “user history” , “aggregate user behaviours” and “clients catalog” to recommend products that have a better chance of converting the users.  

In addition, certain features like carousel app notifications, product labels and rich-media-enabled push notifications can increase the user engagement. The distribution of traffic for the push notifications is automatic, thus you can measure the performance of your campaign and optimize them accordingly. 

Moreover, IntelliRec also helps you to upsell and cross-sell your products as the integral features of the algorithm. It allows you to promote products from other categories and derive more value from the same user by increasing the basket size of the same user. 

For example, let’s say you are about to send a push notification promoting a blue shirt. IntelliRec magnifies the performance of the notifications using the appropriate features by reaching the relevant audience.

Moreover, you can also cross-sell your products by promoting related products such as a tie to the users. Additionally, you can recommend the users using the blue shirt of a higher priced variant to upsell the product and increase the cart value.

Wrapping Up

As you know, the primary objective of any marketing communication is to smooth out the marketing funnel by removing the bottlenecks in the user journey. Highly-targeted and personalized push notifications are another way of doing so.

The IntelliRec algorithm from Vizury helps you to map the user journey with great precision. Moreover, as you are able to send relevant and intent-driven recommendations, the prospect of engaging your users becomes more. Get in touch with us at to know more about IntelliRec and the benefits of using it.


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