Boost in-app conversions with video retargeting

Today, 2/3rds of the world’s mobile traffic is through video, according to Cisco.

The CTR on video ads is significantly higher than other ads. Users who have viewed a video ad of your brand are much more likely to buy your product than those who haven’t.

Video equals user retention and eventual conversion. Marketers these days use video more than ever to market their products and reach out to prospective customers.

Video by far has proven to be the best tool to attract eye balls and it is no different in your mobile app environment. A smart marketer, which we’re sure you are, will make the most of video to reach out to inactive users to bring them back to the app and encourage that elusive transaction. Don’t let your app users slip under the radar, they are too valuable to let go.

And to help you do that, Vizury brings to you In-app Video Retargeting, the newest addition to a host of path breaking features in the App retargeting solution.

So this is how video retargeting works. Let’s say you are an online apparel and accessories retailer,


This is the general workflow. Now,video retargeting can be done in 3 ways,

1. In-app video ads

Marketers can target their user base with video ads on Google’s ad network which serves 20 million video ads a day in India alone. These video ads have seen 2X better CTR than the usual interstitial ads.

2. Overlay banner

Dynamic banners of the user’s last seen product in your app along with two other recommended products appear on the bottom of the video. Product recommendation is done real time to attract app drop-offs straight back to the product page with banner deep-linking. Push your users closer to the ‘Buy’ button, with love.

3. Companion ads

Companion ads are interstitial banner ads with customized product recommendations that appear at the end of a video. These ads still appear even when the users ‘skips’ the video. Personalize user experience with customized product banners and drive up user retention by 3X.

It’s great to have a million installs for your app. But it wouldn’t mean much if it doesn’t translate into revenue. Studies reveal that, if your user doesn’t come back to your app within 7 days of uninstall, there’s a good chance he or she would never come back. It’s crucial for brands to think beyond installs. And the best way to revive inactive users and reach out to app drop-offs is video.

It’s high time you start doing it if you aren’t doing it already.

Yash Vardhan

Yash handles product and content marketing at Vizury. Apart from writing he has a keen interest in design, traveling, and playing video games.

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