Building Conversations beyond Ads

By 2017, the earth’s population will be 7.5 billion. The number of app users is estimated to reach 4.4 billion. That’s 60% of the earth’s population.

Mobile apps are the way ahead. If you are a brand and if you don’t already have a mobile app you probably want to hop on the wagon if you have any intentions of not going extinct. People spend 90% of their time on the mobile app and 10% on mobile web. This ratio is set to skew even more towards the app in the coming days. As of June 2014, more than 75 billion mobile apps had been downloaded from the Apple App Store.

Having said that – getting users to install your app is the easy part. The real challenge comes when you have to retain users and engage them on your app and ensure they transact. Otherwise you can have a million app installs and it would mean nothing to your brand.


The line between engaging your users and annoying them to the extent they uninstall your app is very thin. Let us look at a few things which will help you tread that line with elegance.

Engaging the mobile customer

  • Get buy-in, not push-back: Connect with your app users, make sure they never leave. Deliver a personalized experience that they will love to make sure they stay hooked on. Gather cross-channel behavioral attributes and build customer personas that will help you understand your customers better. Deliver personalized messages and offers for every customer, give them a reason to come back to your app.
  • Make ‘idle’ active: Did you know that just 1/4th of mobile users access an app more than once? Bring back your inactive users to life. Use your data to nurture cross-channel conversations. Communicate with them in places and ways they like. Go mobile-friendly and use technology that is compatible with mobile and renders flawless content. Make it personal – speak their language with customized messages based on intent, inactive period and purchase cycle. Fast-track purchase journey and keep it going.

Where your customer goes, you go!

  • Unify conversations, unify your brand: Meet your customer wherever he is with one single message across channels and devices. Get personal. Drive a consistent message across mobile websites, apps, social, email, sms, push notifications. Real time omnichannel personalization is the way forward. Get on it early to make the most of your marketing dollars.
  • Let your owned media do more: Exhaust your owned media before you spend money on paid marketing channels. Deliver customized messages in real time on your own channels like website, email and social media. Measure the response across these channels before you shift to paid channels and optimize your spends. Spend where it matters.
  • Talk to your customers where they like it: If your customer responds with enthusiasm on Facebook, do not send him emails. If he responds to email campaigns, do not spend money on display ads. Serving ads to your customers on their most frequented channels and get better at conversions.

Just an ad thrown at the customer isn’t going to cut it anymore. To remain relevant, you need to engage in meaningful conversations with your customer that would help them move up the purchase cycle.

Originally posted on NASSCOM

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