How to Get The Best Baner Ads on Your Website – II

We concluded the previous post with the knowledge that unlike generic ad banners, retargeted banners do not have unsolicited content. They contain product information that the viewer sought while visiting advertiser’s site.

Vizury retargeting banners

Let’s start this post by taking up two questions that generally get asked after one understands the value that the retargeted ad banner delivers.

  1. Would banners of similar campaigns with similar target audience receive the same click through rate?
  2. Would the end user continue to respond positively to a banner if it gets repeated?

The first question first. With data at hand and the tacit knowledge gained at observing the banners perform we know that one banner class does not fit all sizes and campaigns.

It is interesting to note here is that when the Banner is placed at the page facing the user, the advertiser and the user contexts are exchanged. A retargeted ad banner already carries the logical context i.e. a snapshot of the brief historic action of the user at the advertiser’s site, the set of products he/she browsed. Additionally few more products are added to the display with the logical association of what similar user demographic browsed (up-selling/ cross-selling). User’s emotional context, expressed in form of colours, typography and image must inform the banner for the necessary pull.

Buying (and here, clicking) as an act is also an emotional response and will happen when a perfect emotional resonance is established. Prolonged repetition of the banner may not be the best way to go about it. Most of us are familiar with the concept of banner fatigue and the larger idea of reshaping the collateral because users develop blindness towards excessive familiarity. This must be looked into and user facing collateral (especially imagery) must be updated to different effects (experiments such as products with or without people, products in an ensemble etc) to know what might work the best. Since e commerce retargeted banners utilize this imagery, this drastically helps improve banner CTRs.

To sum it up, a good banner includes emotional hooks for the user in the form of an appealing design along with the retargeted product. Constantly updating the banner either in terms of imagery or in terms of presentation helps manage banner fatigue and keeps the end user interested.

This summarization uses the word good design which begets a very obvious question. What is a good banner design? Is it subjective?

That gets answered in the next post (and the last in this series). Stay tuned.

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