Codeless Mobile Advertising integration for App Retargeting

If you have been doing app retargeting you know what a third party SDK is. Simply put, SDK is a few lines of code (like our super-light 30kb) that gathers anonymous behavioural data within the app. This data helps build user profiles and gather information around user intent.

As you know, the success of any mobile advertising for app retargeting campaign relies heavily on understanding what the user is looking for and showing him relevant ads. While this was easily achieved through browser cookies on websites, the advent of apps requires a new work around.

Device ID, Advertiser ID, UDID or a little bit of everything are used for device identification. And SDK integration facilitates this. However, most brands shy away from such integrations as their apps beef up.

So, is SDK integration really necessary for app user retargeting? Our answer is NO.

While most retargeting players insist on SDK integration, we have come up with SDK-less solutions for behavioral profiling for your app user re-engagement campaigns.

1. Post-back through a 3rd party analytics App:

If you have a prior integration with any of the leading mobile analytics platforms (like Apsalar, adjust, Tune) we set up communication lines with these platforms. Through post-back calls, we gather in-app behavioural data.

2. Server to Server Integration:

This is a unique solution where we pick relevant behavioural data directly from your server through secure and access protected mechanisms.

Both of these mimic the functionality of an SDK and ensure that real-time event post-backs are shared with us. These SDK-less integrations do not require any code installation within your app, which means your retargeting campaigns for mobile advertising can be started in a jiffy. And yes, your app’s stability and security is taken care of.

P.S. Size matters. If it means slower apps and poor user experience, we all know how that works out. So go light, kiss good bye to SDK.

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