What Are Customer Journey and How Easy Is It To Setup

When you are a marketer, you are already on a constant lookout for ways to keep you ahead of your competitors. The consumers, in today’s world, has become much more aware of their needs for a product. Besides, your users might just move to your competitors with just one click, if they are not satisfied with your business.

So, onboarding a user on your website or app is just a beginning for you. Engaging, converting, and retaining your users is the complete picture that you should look at. Since it takes a lot to keep your users interested in your business until they are converted, you need to focus on the customer journeys you create around them.

Here, you might wonder about what exactly customer journeys are. Well, let me explain. In a sentence, customer journeys are the complete workflow of onboarding new users, engaging them with marketing communications, converting them and retain them so that you can keep selling to them. Also, customer journeys help you to strategize on earning referrals from existing users too.

Here, let me state the reason for you to start adopting the customer journey in your marketing efforts too. Statistics show that 87% of the users begin their purchasing process by searching on digital channels. Since online shopping has set the bar high when it comes to convenience, you need to make the online user experience as seamless as it can be. Customer journeys are an important part of understanding consumer touchpoints and addressing them in a meaningful way.

Now that you know the necessity of incorporating the customer journey, read on to know more about how to integrate it with your current marketing tactics.

Customer Journeys – What are they?

Customer journeys are roadmaps to onboard, engage, convert, and retain your users. The marketing communications you send using multiple channels depends on the stages of the user journey. Moreover, you can send the messages over a single channel or through multiple channels. The fact that it is automated helps you to segment, schedule, and execute your customer journeys better.

Here, you may think that the CRM platform you are using performs all these things already. So, why do you need user journeys to engage users? Well, there is a reason for using customer journeys. It lets you engage your users after onboarding with hooking contents, satisfies them upon converting and retains them for advocating your brand to other users.

When you are advertising or promoting your products, you do it either through owned media or paid media channels. Owned media consists of channels that you already have, i.e. your website, online store, social media pages, blogs or apps. Paid media, whereas, consists of other CRMs, which requires payments, such as, search engine or paid ads, promotions on social media channels, email marketing platform, and so on.

Therefore, when you promote your products on both these channels, there is a chance that the same users are seeing the same content, but are not interested in it. Moreover, there is a chance that the users who have already converted through one channel receive the advertisement through some other channel, causing cannibalizing.

Hence, unless you are keeping track of every user individually, targeting and tracking them becomes quite hectic. Moreover, since you have to pay for sending each of these communications, your marketing budget increases without adding any actual value. Customer journeys are the way around which allows you to strategize your marketing efforts and reduce ROI while increasing your efficiency.

Why do you need user journey

user journey - UI screenshot NEW

In case you are still skeptical about using customer journeys, let me give you some reasons which would convince you about its efficiency. The following are the benefits of using customer journeys in your marketing strategy.

1.  Multiple Channels working in sync

The customer journeys leverage multiple channels to reach out to your users. The use of multiple channels depends upon the stages of your user journey through the marketing funnel. Moreover, you can use these channels based on triggers and user actions, thus can optimize your marketing ROI.

2.  Save time and cost

The user journeys help you optimize your marketing budget as you can track the performance of your campaigns on a unified dashboard. The dashboard shows you the stages of the user journey, the actions they are taking, the performance of each marketing channels and more. Hence, you don’t have to track your marketing performance using multiple CRMs, or dashboards, allowing you to save time as well as money.

3.  Avoid cannibalizing marketing channels or users

Customer journeys send messages via different channels according to the stages of the journey. Hence, the users receive communications only if they haven’t yet converted. The users who have already converted will not receive any further messages from any channels. This helps in avoiding cannibalization of your marketing channels, which results in adding up unnecessary costs while advertising without any effective result.

4.  Consistent communication

Scheduled messages based on the user actions helps you provide seamless communication to your users. As you already know, consistent communication with high intent messages is the cornerstone of a highly efficient marketing campaign.

5.  Engage users with cross-device functionality

Customer journeys leverage the power of cross-platform and cross-device functionality. Hence, you can reach your users almost anywhere, anytime, depending on the stages of their journey and the action they take when they receive communication you send. For instance, you can target your users with across eight marketing channels to engage & retain them.

The channels included are app-push, web-push, in-app notifications, emails, SMS, Facebook (Vizury is an Authorized Facebook Marketing Partner), programmatic display ads, and video ads. Moreover, these channels can be leveraged across devices such as mobiles or desktops or browsers like Chrome, Safari, or Firefox.

How to build an effective user journey and its impact

Now that you know about customer journeys, let me explain how easy it is to create one. Moreover, it is panned across multiple marketing channels and devices so increases your reach. Therefore, you can connect your users with tailor-made marketing communications to engage and retain them.

To begin with the journey builder, you need to define the objective of the campaign. Next, you need to select the segment according to device types, gender, exit pages, triggers or other, before you send your communications. Now, depending upon the intention and the segment, you can reach out to the users.

Furthermore, you can schedule its delivery and register every action as an event. Once you have selected the marketing channel and the goal event you just need to iterate the process of segmenting and communicating with them at every stage until the journey ends.

With customer journeys, there are quite a few advantages. These are:

 1.   Engagement across any channels using automation to maximize your marketing efforts

2.  Send your users timely messages according to the user activity across channels

3. Improve the user experience by through seamless marketing communications

4.  Optimizing your marketing budget by understanding the users’ touchpoints and engage them accordingly

5. Improve conversion as well as retention rates by reaching users with the right content across the right channel at the right time

effective user journey


Since your users are aware enough about the products they need, converting your users through traditional marketing channels are not as effective as they used to be. You need to take an extra step so that the user experience is engaging enough for them. A customer journey is an important tool that improves the way users engage with your business across channels and devices.

Additionally, customer journeys use automation and data intelligence to help you to market the exact product to the users who are looking to buy them. Therefore, it helps you to improve your engagement and conversion rates quite effectively.

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