Disrupting Airlines Marketing – A True Growth Marketing Story

This blog is based on my true experience while onboarding a new Airlines client onto Engage Travel.


Engage Travel, our Growth Marketing Platform comes with specific use cases that help travel brands run personalized cross-channel engagements and enhance their marketing effectiveness & ROI. Clients can execute marketing campaigns based on recent user behavior or historic behavioral data that has been recorded. The segmentation capabilities of Engage Travel are so powerful that clients can execute niche marketing strategies that they never imagined were possbile let alone the ease with which they are able to activate these user engagements.

Recently, we onboarded an Airlines client onto Engage Travel. The client is very progressive in terms of marketing, usage of data, types of ads, content in ads etc.

The first few days of training were about the fundamentals –  data onboarding, segmentation rules, types of segment and getting hands-on with the platform. After few days, the client realized that with so much data onboarded onto Engage Travel, other marketing teams within the Airlines brand like SEO, Affiliate could understand the data and think about leveraging the insights to resolve marketing challenges that are beyond advertising.

What was a thought, culminated into a 2 hour brainstorming session with 16 members from different marketing teams that were part of the Airlines brand. Each team had its own marketing goals – SEO team focussed on driving website traffic, Retargeting team was committed to increasing online conversions and so on. For the first time ever in the history of marketing by this Airlines brand, different teams were looking at the same set of data and evaluating the use cases that were impossible to execute with their earlier available tools.

Imagine the sheer energy in a room where all the 16 minds were inclined to present the best growth marketing idea that has never been tried in the industry. At the end of 2 hours, the teams presented 12 marketing ideas, and I can say most of them were unique and probably the best growth marketing ideas in the travel industry


Couple of my personal favorites:
1. Users who drop from route specific SEO landing pages must be shown highly customized ads on channels like display and FB where they are likely to be found.
2. An interesting segment for the Airlines are users who buy air ticket offline but do a web check-in. The idea was to find such users and reach out to them with special offers for online ticket bookings.
The Airlines brand is in the process of implementing some of the ideas that were discussed. Watch this space for updates on implementation and results.

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