Email Retargeting as a powerful marketing tool

Email communication may be facing a serious challenge from its more nonchalant counterpart social media when it comes to grabbing the bigger share of marketing traffic, but there’s no denying that the latter still has some serious catching up to do.
Facebook and Twitter may help you serve subliminal imprints to a wider audience in one go, but when it comes to personalized marketing with a specific end goal, email is still the holy grail. Why, you ask? Well, for starters, it offers an unique advantage by somehow combining the ability to be more personal while simultaneously appearing to be less invasive.

Think about it. Getting a promotional email is more natural, and way less annoying, than ads popping up when all you want to do is engage in tribal wars on random facebook memes. However, it’s also more personal. Mails typically never go unchecked, unlike social media posts which are fleeting and more than likely to be glossed over. Mails in general also feel very businesslike and professional, not to mention that a lot of people simply do not use or check their social media accounts as much as you’d think, as the numbers below suggest. Mails somehow feel more permanent, in a sense.  email.png                                              Source :

The current scenario
Alright, we’ve now established the importance of email marketing. But are you targeting your customers effectively through this channel?
Email marketing is almost always treated as an afterthought, when it should really receive prime attention. Archaic strategies like non personalized, irrelevant commercial emails are equivalent to spam, plain and simple. Even in cases where these factors are improved upon, stale and generic content means the user quickly loses interest in reading through the mail completely. If all this is done well, then it’s the responsive design that is skipped, meaning people who view mails on their mobiles do not receive the same degree of personalization their desktop counterparts do.
Here are a few ways we have tried to combat these challenges with our email re targeting methods, with engaging and value-adding mails that resulted in a 40% surge on open rates and 3 times as many conversions as before.

SegmentationUser segmentation is crucial to understanding your user and mapping them in well-defined groups according to their behavior, preferences and attributes. This makes it easier to maintain a unique database and track a single user through the various communication channels he might interact with you on, thereby minimalising redundancy in retargeting. Categorizing them in such groups is the first step towards generating ad content that could be considered extremely specific to that particular grouping of these users, or in other words, personalization.PersonalizationIt’s important to acknowledge that some, if not most, people generally sign up for newsletters or promotions with their work email, simply because toggling between 2 or more mail email ids can get confusing. This means the content they get needs to be carefully drafted and curated, so as to ensure it’s useful enough to justify interrupting other work-related or more important mails they may be sifting through at the time.Personalization, as always, is the difference between your mail sitting there waiting for days to be opened and breaking into the user’s priority network with relevant ads.  By combining intricate user data with advanced machine learning methods, it’s possible to serve content so personalized that the user won’t even have to pause to think before clicking on the link.  my_total_retail.jpeg                                                                                Source : Variety By tweaking your promotional campaign according to user behavior, you can also target specific sections of your users.

  • Re-target – Re target cart page drop offs with customized emails containing powerful recommendations
  • Re-engage – Re-engage inactive users with promotions and get them browsing your products again
  • Price drop – Trigger a mail when the price of a product previously viewed by the user drops, thus driving the possibility of the purchase up.
  • Re-install – Find out who’s about to uninstall your app. Target those users specifically to make sure they don’t pull the plug.

The corroborationOne of our clients, a leading fashion e-commerce company in India, turned to Vizury’s email retargeting methods in a bid to boost user engagement, retention and conversion rates. By triggering powerful mails at various intervals to frequent as well as inactive users, thy were able to communicate with their users better and the result was clear to see

  • 4 times times better CTRs compared to the client’s in-house email campaigns
  • Open rates boosted by an impressive 40%
  • 3 times increase on ROI compared to previous email campaigns

So what do you think? Can marketers even afford to gloss over emails as a powerful marketing tool? Write back to us at with your thoughts and opinions.

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