5 Powerful Email Retargeting Use Cases to boost online engagement and conversion

Do you know, the average global conversion rate in the e-commerce sector stands at only 2.86% in the second quarter of 2018?

In other words, for every 100 visitors, who could be your potential customer, not even three users are converted.

Conversion or changing the potential customers into actual customers is one of the key challenges that the e-commerce industry is facing every day. Hundreds, or maybe thousands of people come to their website every day. However, only a small fraction of them goes forward with the buying process. Failing to capitalize the remaining visitors are lost opportunity for these websites.

So let me ask you something. Are you facing the same problem? Do you want to increase your conversion rates, but running out of ideas? If your answer is a resounding YES, then this is a must-read article for you. This article will tell you everything you need to know about email retargeting with our email retargeting use cases, its benefits, as well as the right platform to carry out the perfect email retargeting campaigns.

Email retargeting is a powerful email marketing strategy. It enables you to provide your potential customers with information about your product but in a more personalized way. It also helps you to provide your customers with a better intent of buying the product if they have not completed the buying process.

If you are sceptical about how email retargeting works, take a look at the following five email retargeting use cases. Certain platforms like Vizury allows you to make the most of your email retargeting campaigns and help you to increase your marketing ROI.

Five Email Retargeting Use Cases to boost website and app engagement & conversions:-

Although most of the email clients allow you to perform a wide range of basic tasks, Vizury lets you perform a few unique tasks while strategizing a retargeting campaign. Check out these five real-time email reatrgeting use cases to get an understanding of the unique capabilities of Vizury product.

1. Product Feed Based personalized Email Retargeting

Vizury is capable of providing you with a platform to send personalized emails to your customers. You can target those customers who have already shown interest in your products, thereby providing you with an understanding of their interests and intent.

Additionally, you can use their information to create a set of recommended products for your users using their search and purchase behavior. This helps you to reach your customers with products of higher relevance and automatically increase the chances of converting your users.

For example, suppose one of your users is looking to buy a shoe. According to his past purchase, you can see that he had bought a pair of shoes sometime back, which is similar to the shoe he is looking to buy. If the user has a preference for a brand, he would have already made the purchase soon enough.

However, when you looked at his search history, you find that the user is looking at only sports shoe. Let’s say you target him with all the shoes available within the same price and similar features as the user has been looking for. Therefore, the chances of the user buying the shoe increases by quite a notch.

You must be thinking, how much of an improvement can you achieve with this feature. Well, you would be surprised to know that personalization increases your revenue by almost 6-10%. So,if you have not personalized your retargeting emails, we recommend you do it immediately for higher ROI.

2. Price Drop Alert

In e-commerce, sometimes you offer a product at a lower price. However, it could lapse before a customer makes the final purchase. So, you might find it as a common phenomenon of the customer of not buying the product, in spite of being interested in it.

Vizury allows you to send a price drop alert to relevant target audience whenever there is a drop in the price of the particular product. Hence, it becomes easier for the user to come back to your website and buy the product as it is available at a reduced price. You can also send personalized emails to people interested in a certain category to convert them into customers fast.

Let us take an example of the same user looking to buy a shoe on your website. Let’s say, there was an offer running on your website. You are offering 25% off on a shoe, making it within the budget of the user. When the user actually visited the website, he finds the offer to have ended, and the original price is higher than what he expected.

Now, let us assume that you decide to run another offer very shortly. The new campaign offers a drop in the price of the shoes the user was interested in. Now once the price drops, you can send an email making him aware of the reduction in price. In case the user is still waiting, he can finally buy the product at a price he is comfortable with. Growing revenue through multi-channel retargeting is easy. Isn’t it?

3. Cross-sell and Up-sell Capabilities

When you are looking to increase your conversion and make more sells, you cannot just depend on the usual marketing practices. Also, selling a particular item without retaining the customer for future conversions decreases your marketing ROI.

Cross-selling or upselling are the techniques to help you to increase your sales numbers. It also reduces your worry about spending or putting efforts on new user acquisition.

Vizury helps you to send the retargeting messages and engage them with upselling and cross-selling products. These products are selected according to the users’ interest in real time scenarios, increasing the chances of converting them with a higher frequency.

You can understand more about the feature if you are willing to consider the same example of the shoes mentioned above. Suppose the person has decided to buy the shoes. However, now you have more details about his shopping behavior.

So it is safe to assume that he is looking for running shoes as he might be fond of running. Here you can send him emails regarding related products such as track-suit, or running shorts. Chances of engaging users in additional products is quite high and might prompt the customer to buy the complete package.

4. Triggered Alert

Inaction and reduced action are one of the key challenges in e-commerce, which even you might have faced some time. The users who had been interested in your product in the past might not find it relevant anymore. Sometimes it might also happen that users are yet to make up their mind about buying the product.

Triggered alerts can come in really handy during these times. Vizury understands this, so they help you send instant dynamic email alerts about offers or discounts to users who are currently not accessing your apps or websites too often. You can send them offers triggered at different time to increase awareness of the products and conversions.

Additionally, you can send out these triggered alerts by segmenting your users in various categories. You can determine to send the alerts based according to multiple parameters. It includes the user activities, user actions, or other customizable action or behavior towards your product.

For example, you can send a retargeting email targeted towards your loyal customer with some offer or discount on a certain product. However, you might want to mention that the offer is for a limited time only.

As you already know your users’ behavior, you can remind them of the product or the offer at a regular interval. It will make the purchase process easier for them and help you increase your conversion soon. In fact, triggered emails can increase your revenue by as much as 24X.

5. Cart Abandonment

Abandoned cart is another persistent issue in the e-commerce business, which keeps the owners awake at night. It implies that your user has added products to their cart, but had not purchased it due to some reasons.

Vizury takes care to help you to create relevant and highly targeted and impactful emails to deal with the deserted carts and cart abandonment by asking the customer to complete the buy. This feature ensures your shopping cart help your customers to successfully add and buy more products.

There can be many reasons resulting in the customer not buying the product. It could be price, or maybe a longer delivery time, or simply an interruption during the purchasing process. Vizury helps you to understand the actual reason for cart abandonment.

It also helps you to create messages that offer incentives like a lower price, faster delivery, and much more. As you can personalize the emails, you can help the customer to complete the buying process.

Have you created your strategy with the help of Email Retargeting use cases yet?

Email retargeting helps you to re-advertise your product to the customers who have already shown intent about buying it. In fact, email retargeting practices can generate up to 4 times the usual revenue for you.

Additionally, you can improve the customer’s interest in your product on a continuous basis, so that the buying intent never drops. Therefore, you can increase the online engagement of your customers and boost your conversions.

Moreover, the use cases of retargeting platforms like Vizury help you to leverage the maximum benefits from your retargeting campaigns.

Let us know your thoughts on email retargeting use cases or about any difficulties you faced at any phase of planning the campaign. We would also like to know if your emails solving your use cases as you expected.

If you are looking for an email retargeting solution that will boost online engagement and conversions,you can get in touch with our solutions consultant and  schedule a free demo now.

Sandip Acharyya

A former metallurgical engineer, Sandip switched to be a digital marketer and writer. In Vizury, he shares his experience on retargeting and push notifications, to help entrepreneurs and marketers to improve their marketing ROI. He likes to spend his leisure reading books, watching movies, and making music. Get in touch with him on Twitter or LinkedIn.

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