How Using Engage360 User journey helps in providing a seamless user experience

When it comes to an understanding of your users’ behavior, you can leave nothing to chance. You need accurate insight into your users’ needs and must address them for a better experience when they are interacting with your brand.

Using a user journey specifically helps you to achieve this to a large extent. It allows you to provide a seamless user experience and help them to move through the marketing funnel in an efficient way.

User journeys help you to visualize the experience your users have with your brand when they interact with your marketing communications. However, your users can have different touch-points depending on their preferred channel of communication. User journeys let you design your marketing campaign efficiently to offer a smoother experience to your users.

To understand how user behavior can create a difference between the paths chosen by them, have a look at the following image.

User journey

As you can see, both the users have placed an order, despite having a difference in their paths. Now, your marketing drives must be aligned similarly to help you reach your objective efficiently. If you fail to address the concerns related to different touch-points, your marketing campaigns would not have much impact and might even fail its purpose. 

As with any other marketing or sales process, user journeys are susceptible to advantages and disadvantages. However, when Engage360 User Journey was created, it is more about the benefits. This is because Engage360 iron out the difficulties that marketers face while deploying a User Journey plan

User Journey – Now and Then

Ideally, the user journey builder depends on a few fundamental factors to work correctly. As a marketer, when you execute a user journey, you must identify the purpose of it. Additionally, you must know how to apply the components to use it.

Some necessary steps to create an effective and compelling user journey are:

1.  User personas, goals, and pain-points

Your users have different buyers personas. So, before even you start building your user journey, you need to understand their personas. Additionally, your users have a goal to achieve when they interact with your business. So, unless you have a clear idea about your user personas and their goals, you cannot understand their pain-points. Consequently, your user journey would not be tempting enough to activate, convert or retain your users. 

2.  Touchpoints across channels

Consumers are not restricted to a single channel of communication in today’s connected world. Hence, if you send them your marketing communication over a single channel without knowing their online activities, you won’t be able to engage them. The fact that the data from each channel remain in silos proves to be a hurdle in understanding the touchpoints. 

3.  User behavior and decision

The decision-making process of your users is more complicated than you think. Therefore, you need to give your users the right nudge before you can convert them. Having a user journey helps you to understand their pain-points and provide them with the right motivation for converting across touchpoints. 

4.  Better user experience

Since all your marketing communications are expected to be connected through the user journey, the overall user experience should be better. Your users would get your marketing communication only on the right channel, in the right format, and at the right time. Hence, the end goal of any user journey is to provide an inclusive marketing and advertising experience to the user.

Understanding these building blocks of an effective user journey is crucial. However, making them work in unison is tough. Besides, gathering data and insights from each channel is the key to create a complete user journey.

Enters Engage360 User Journey from Vizury, which provides a comprehensive solution to the issues faced by marketers until now. Read on to know more about how it helps marketers to build user journeys in a better and efficient way.

Engage360 User Journey – An authentic seamless experience

Engage360 enables you to create and deploy your campaigns across paid and CRM channels by visualizing the actual path. It helps you to activate, convert and retain your users within minutes.

Creating campaigns with Engage360 is easy. Simply log in to the dashboard, identify the objective behind your marketing campaign and create the lifecycle of the marketing campaigns. The rest of the task is carried out by the AI-driven platform, allowing you to drive meaningful actions from it.

Further, the Journey 360 allows you to create customized journeys using a drag-and-drop method. You can segment the users at the start of the journey and select the marketing channels for communications to your users based on their activities. Also, you can create the journey to respond based on user decision and guide them towards the end once you reach your objective.

Further, you can use the Journey 360 to activate your users based on their recent online activities around your brand. Since Engage360 allows the data collected from the marketing channels to interact with each other, you can create the journey path according to the touch-points of your users. Additionally, this helps you to communicate with your users over multiple channels, without the risk overlapping performance among themselves.

As you create meaningful conversations across channels, your active or dormant users are more inclined to interact with you. Hence, it becomes easier to retain or convert and improve the user LTV with your brand.

Engage360 – A smooth User Journey

Orison Swett Marden once said that we advance on our journey only when we face our goal, we are confident, and we believe succeeding. You already know your goal, and Engage360 provides you with the confidence and belief of succeeding. When you are looking to enhance your users’ experience, Engage360 User Journey does a lot more than you can expect.

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