Facebook Retargeting – 5 Things you just can’t miss! [PM Video Series 03]


Have you wished that your social media efforts could get you more than just “Likes”? Can your Facebook campaign spike up your website sales? With more than 75% of the world on Facebook, its power to help businesses grow is unimaginable.

Ever since Facebook Ads was launched in 2007, it has been on every brand’s wish list but remains an enigma. Being one of the first Facebook Marketing Partners in Asia, we have had a chance to explore, experiment and evolve retargeting strategies that have shown tremendous results for brands. Facebook Retargeting really WORKS!

And, here are 5 things you just can’t afford to miss in your Facebook Retargeting Campaign.

Segmenting of the Users:

  • Find common behaviour traits like repeat visits, products visited, time spent, etc. and segment the users showing common behaviour
  • Use different messaging across segments and align it with the behaviour.
  • Use different frequency caps for each segment

Make use of Facebook’s own data which is unique.

It captures interest and likes of people and makes you choose a more relevant audience for your campaign:

  • Add social context in terms of friends who like your page
  • Overlay your retargeting campaigns with more granular data like demographic, interest signals

Dynamic Creative Optimization- Personalise your ads for every user, in real-time.

  • Customise your messages, Keep the text short and simple
  • Use Images of the highest quality
  • Don’t forget to include call to Action for News Feed ads
  • Do Frequent Banner Refresh
  • And lastly, Use A/B testing

Have Customized Landing Pages for people who click on your ads:

  • Of course, It should be relevant to the ad, like product page for product ad, form filling page for lead generation and so on.
  • And A/B test with conversion rates to see what works best

Finally, the one thing marketers worry about when it comes to Facebook Marketing. Performance Measurement:

  • Measure performance, not in isolation, but with all channels. This is one common mistake marketers make.
  • Use standard tools like GA, Omniture for website and Apsalar like tools for Apps
  • Make a note of the reach, frequency and CPA- gives you a picture of how effective the campaign was.
  • For cross-device reporting, rely on Facebook reports

Facebook retargeting is not rocket science! It is built around people, and so is your business. Then why not your marketing? Think about it.

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