[New Feature] E-Commerce Marketing gets smarter with Smart Commerce


E-Commerce marketing has evolved and grown over the years and this evolution has been really swift. Vizury has been engaging closely with the E-Commerce marketing space with solutions that ease out an E-Commerce marketer's life. Our recent launch Engage Commerce, helps E-Commerce brands unify their marketing at one single place and run personalized multi-channel marketing campaigns seamlessly. And with the Smart Commerce feature add to our platform, E-Commerce marketing just got smarter. 1-5.png Smart Commerce comes with growth recipes that help E-Commerce brands accelerate growth smartly.
  • These pre-set use cases are easy to implement using the Engage platform, just a few quick clicks and you are ready to go.
  • They help you sharpen your targeting and execute campaigns on channels of your choice.
  • You can build cross-channel engagements across Browser Push Notifications, App Push Notifications, Emails, Facebook, Display through a single platform.
  • This works well across your website and app audiences across desktop, iOS, and Android devices.
  • Ease of segmentation, efficient targeting and the depth of personalization possible across channels set Smart Commerce apart from most other mobile marketing/automation platform out there.

5 cool use cases that can help you achieve specific marketing goals

1. Price Drop Alert: When product prices drop, this use case allows you to trigger alerts to users who were interested in buying those products. Scanning from both your website and app users, the platform helps you re-engage with price-sensitive users. Personalized alerts are triggered at a user-level and can help you generate up to 5X higher conversions when compared to static Push messages. Price_drop_Ecommerce_Vizury.png 2. Drop-off Users: Retarget users who have dropped off from Product or Cart pages without transacting. Send real-time push notifications with last seen products. Feed powered recommendations and deep links help you shorten their purchase journey and prompt faster conversions. drop_off_smart_commerce_vizury.png 3. Lapsed Users: Smart Commerce helps you bring back users who have not visited your website or app in the last 30 days. With custom messaging and offers based on past purchase and behavior re-engaging dormant users becomes more effective. Lapsed_Users_Ecommerce_Vizury-1.png 4. New Users: Run collaborative filtering based on category or products that the user has visited aid product discovery within your app. Send custom recommendations on the customer's preferred channel with first buy discounts just for that user. new_user.png 5. App Uninstall Prevention: Identify users who are likely to uninstall your app in the next 7 days. Target users with an uninstall score greater than 70% with specific coupons and discounts. uninstall_prevent.png To explore these use cases or to kick start a test run with our platform {{cta('cc2662f2-82d4-49c8-898d-05760dd69e03')}} A whole bunch of new use cases to be added soon. Watch this space for more.

Akshatha Kamath

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