Going the Extra Mile with Facebook Ads [Innovation Blog series 02]

If technology poses a problem – we have a solution. So was the case with Facebook retargeting. We were one of the first Asian companies to become a Facebook Marketing Partner – this, of course was a proud moment for us. Our innovations on the programmatic buying platform and integration are proof to our commitment at delivering greater ROI for our clients. So what did we do differently with Facebook ads? Read on to find out.

Facebook recommends a uniform ad template to all marketing partners thus limiting any experiments with colors, animations that typically come handy to grab user attention. This would make all ads look almost one and the same. Now, how do we ensure that our ads get noticed by Facebook users?

Our product specialists have an interesting answer to this.

Facebook ads

Contextual images and relevant text on image manage to strike a chord and get our ads noticed. For example, a user looks up tickets from Auckland to London on a travel app and then drops off, later she logs into Facebook. We show her a real-time customized Facebook ad for tickets from Auckland to London with a nice picture of the London Bridge. Since a trip to London is on her mind she would definitely notice the image ☺

Results? Relevant messages/images manage to grab user attention and resulted in higher ad clicks. This also led to driving back high-value drop-offs to our clients’ websites.

And, we continue with our explorations in the digital world – sometimes to beat technology, sometimes for better results.

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