How Insurance brands can increase User Engagement for free

At Vizury we have a mantra for marketing teams — “FREE BEFORE PAID” — Think free channels before paid. In that spirit read on…..

In one of the previous blog posts we talked about How Insurance Brands Can Acquire New Customers Online. So following that recipe and combining it with your marketing superpowers you must have acquired tons of new customers. Now what?


Need for Web Push Notifications

Our research show that majority of insurance customers (whooping 81%) login once in 3 months. Given this unique nature of insurance customers how do you make sure that you are increasing user engagement and meeting them where they are? Yes, you can find them on Facebook and target them on Google but not without spending money. Alternately you can engage them on your website, which by the way is awesome and works great . But the problem is that we run the risk of not engaging them over a prolonged period with personalised up-sell opportunities, account updates and all the exciting updates about your brand.

I know what you must be thinking? We send them emails for all of the above. Yes you do, but with the flood of emails that your customers receive every day, reaching them has become increasingly harder. Fortunately, there has been the emergence of Web Push Notifications.

The power of Web Push Notifications lies in the ability to reach your customers even when they aren’t actively engaged with your website. As they say, “any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.” This sure sounds like one.

So what really is Web Push Notification?

Average monthly unique visitors on mobile web outnumber native apps by a factor of 2. The struggle is how do you take these and convert them into weekly active users or daily active users. Specially difficult in contrast to the native apps, which really take advantage of capabilities like push notifications via mobile.

The real question is how do you take the reach of web and combine it with the engagement on mobile devices, and is this even possible? The answer is yes, and that is exactly what Web Push Notifications delivers on. Customers have to opt-in to start receiving Web Push Notifications from your website. And once they do, they will start receiving notifications irrespective of your web page being open or not. This makes for an ideal companion to your already existing onsite notifications and onsite personalisation marketing strategies and provide a great segue into these channels from where the user currently is (i.e anywhere on the internet).

Some of the use cases that go extremely well with Web Push Notifications

1.   Insurance premium due in 15 days

 Now you have a segment of users that have their insurance policy premium due in 15 days and you would like to reach out to them, reminding them of the due date and prompting them to pay the premium due soon.

2.  Targeted cross sell opportunities

 You have an existing user segment that recently got married and have their first baby on its way. May be this would be a great time to get in front of them with one of your star ‘Child Plans’.

Implementing Web Push Notifications

How complicated would this be to execute ? We take care of all the complexity for you and with Engage’s powerful Growth Marketing Stack you can execute these use cases in under 5 minutes.

Step 1 : Create the segment of users that you want to target.

Step 2 : Create a new Web Push Notification. Specify the title, message, target url.

user engagement

Step 3 : There is none. That’s all you need to do to send fully customised and hyper targeted web push notifications to your users.

Not to mention all this inherently comes with 1 to 1 personalisation that Vizury is know for across all channels.

With great power comes great responsibility

Yes it is true that Web Push Notifications can put your message front and centre of your users, but this also means that if you do not adhere to certain best practices, it is very likely that your users would turn off the notifications from your website. We at Vizury Engage care deeply about the end user experience and are coming soon with our own set of best practices for Web Push Notifications. Stay tuned!

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