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Advertisement of a product has stepped beyond presenting product information to becoming an engine for user persuasion.


Ads have been used for years together to craft the need for the product, often positioning the product in ways beyond the core functionality to connect with the user at an emotional level. While broadcasting ads and print ads have primarily been focused at crafting product perception web banners have essentially been a follow up to these ads, very often carrying specific product related information to the user who already has a fair degree of brand recall.

With the advent of e commerce, web banner ads were not only a marketing artifact but also lead generators for a transaction to happen on the site. Banners now had to work at multiple fronts. They had to persuade a user who may or may not be interested in the product, has developed a behavioral blindness owing to the tendency to segregate important from the unimportant, and may not be in a position to consume a lot of information.

This behavioral blindness only grew more acute as end users started consuming more content. Their attention spans reduced at exponential rates and browsing between diverse types of content became more organic way of browsing the web.

No one ever opens a web page looking for an ad banner. A Banner now has to do a lot more to gain that small quantum of attention that the user has which is a tall order. Crisp and limited communication, persuasion through imagery, colors and typography and creation of a sense of urgency in the user became critical for a banner to perform, simultaneously also competing with other banners who were doing the same set of things. With the degree of ambiguity built into this process multiple attempts were being made to arrive at a stable, scalable methodology to arrive at high performance banners which will consistently deliver high ROI, something that generic banners were hardly delivering.

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The concept of retargeted ad banners proposed to plug the problem at precise points of origin. They were in a sense not unsolicited. Any user had to do a certain kind of self-initiated behavior on the advertiser’s site to see these banners. Since they show products / services that users have shown certain interest in, the likelihood of user ignoring these was extremely small. Advertisers now had the knowledge and precision to extend values and benefits to only those who would avail of them, in the sense not wasting money on a non-buyer. So as a concept, retargeted banners would definitely add the value in the space left by generic web banners.

Vizury offers all the advantages of a retargeted banner and tops it up with high degree customization. We constantly experiment and optimize elements like banner fill, animation states and transitions, call to action copy and placement, number of products displayed etc., to be able to churn out high performing banners and replace them with other similar banners before any banner fatigue sets in.

In the posts that follow we’ll discuss the gaps existing in the banner presentation and how we go about identifying and bridging them.

Keep watching this space for more banner facts.

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