How to improve Customer Retention for Android Apps??

If your users don’t come back to your app in 7 days, they are probably never coming back. That is the crux of this Andrew Chen article which talks about app customer retention. Andrew Chen is a prominent thought leader on mobile and has worked with Quettra to develop this article.

Here is Quettra’s graph which shows how apps lose more than 95% of their users in the first 90 days. This study has been done only on Android apps.

user retention

This study by Quettra goes on to reinforce the fact that installs alone don’t mean anything to brands anymore. If your users are not spending time on your app, how are you ever going to monetize your app?

In today’s ‘app-only’ environment where users have a million apps to choose from, the importance of re-engagement cannot be overstated. Brands need to run intensive reactivation campaigns in the first 3 – 7 days to retain their users.

Like Mr.Chen says, bending this curve happens through activation, not notification spam.

Users these days expect brands these days to know where they are and what they want. While the question of privacy is a different question altogether, brands simply cannot get away with generic engagement tactics to bring back users.

Personalization is the holy grail for app marketers.

user retention

While push notifications has proven to be the most powerful tool to engage users, there are other channels that can be used effectively to personalize engagement – display, social and email.

While Push and email are free channels, display and social aren’t. It makes a lot more sense for an app marketer, from an RoI perspective to make use of the free channels first before venturing into paid avenues. Optimizing marketing spends isn’t a myth anymore.

It’s time to think beyond installs.

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