How to improve your business intelligence using Engage360 Dashboard?

As a marketer, you must be handling several tools and platforms to manage the marketing campaigns of your organization. It doesn’t matter if your organization is a startup or an enterprise. However, to drive effective marketing campaigns, you need business intelligence. 

Business Intelligence allows you to draw insights from your marketing campaigns, and remain competitive. The primary requirement for any business intelligence requires the extraction and collection of actionable data. When you have actionable data, you can analyze, monitor, or leverage them to create engaging marketing campaigns according to your needs.

Still, making your campaigns more engaging with these actionable data can be tough. This is because you need to know the right set of information for running your campaigns efficiently. Unless you can do that, the data remains in silo, and becomes the biggest obstacle instead.

This is where a dashboard helps you to understand and analyze the data you collect. It summarizes the most critical insights of your marketing campaigns and allows you to check the parameters that define the success of your marketing drives at a single glance. 

What are business dashboards?

Business dashboards are necessarily the display of the performance of your marketing drives. It derives the name from automobile dashboards and work similarly, thus improving your Business Intelligence

Automobiles run due to hundreds of processes; each of these has an impact on the overall performance of it. The dashboard allows the driver to check the most important parameters defining the optimum performance, such as fuel efficiency, total distance covered, engine temperature, and more. So, an experienced driver would know if something is amiss by checking the dashboard. Now, if there is a deviation, he can dig deep with focus, rather than looking for haphazard solutions.

Similarly, business dashboards contain the critical performers of your business. It allows you to focus on the performance metrics impacting your business by breaking down the complex processes into manageable chunks. If there is a deviation, you would know it right away by taking a glance at a dashboard and find out the details of it by digging deeper.

Engage360 Dashboard example

Let’s take an example. Suppose you send a push notification to your users. Now, let’s say that you have a usual CTR of 3% for your notifications, but with this particular communication, it dips to 1.5%. If you can get this information on your dashboard, you can look for what went wrong immediately. So, finding the reason for the deviation becomes faster, and arriving at a conclusion becomes much more manageable.

So as you can understand, having a comprehensive but not exhaustive dashboard is crucial. An ideal dashboard should show you the most important metrics at a glance and allow you to find out the overall business impact of your campaigns. The Engage360 dashboard does precisely the same and is capable of helping you to take decisive actions based on the reports.

Engage360 Dashboard and Analytics

Engage360 allows you to drive all your marketing and advertising from a single platform. Moreover, the data is collected from all advertising and marketing channels, which interact among themselves. Therefore, handling data in such a large capacity requires much effort.

To make the task easier for marketers, Engage360 has a comprehensive dashboard displaying all the critical parameters of your multi channel marketing campaigns. Further, it allows you to understand the performance of your channels as individuals or even collectively. Hence, you can gather all the information about every campaign you run and analyze their impact on the total revenue generation for your business.

If you are wondering what the Engage360 dashboard looks like, you can take a look at the following image.

engage360 dashboard

As you can see, the Engage360 dashboard has a simple, yet detailed  interface. You can check your marketing performance at a glimpse according to the key parameters of your multi channel marketing platform. Additionally, you can download the performance report too, which helps you to get more insights into them.

The dashboard has a few components that allow you to find your reports quickly too. You can select the Segment, Channel, and Engagement Name, and you can view the overall campaign performance for a selected period. The report generated shows you the trends of specific campaigns, too, thus allowing you to understand the right way to engage your users while launching future campaigns.

Engage360 multi channel marketing platform Dashboard can give you an understanding of the financial and performance of your marketing campaigns. The dashboard displays the principal performers of your marketing platform and the impact they generate on your revenue. 

Among several benefits of the Engage360 dashboard, the following are the most important ones.

1. Consolidates the data and gather user insights

You might be using multiple channels for running your marketing campaigns. Before analyzing and leveraging the data gathered from different channels, you need some process to consolidate it. Engage360 Dashboard allows you to make the collected user information more actionable by combining it under a single platform.

2. Data analytics using the trends and metrics

The Engage360 Dashboard helps you to collect the data and user insights throughout the campaign duration. Therefore, the information helps you to create a trend over that period, which you can leverage to increase user engagement. Since Engage360 omni channel marketing platform leverages data from all the available channels, setting a trend becomes easier.

3. In-depth analysis using Engage360 Dashboard

Engage360 Dashboard lets you analyze your analytics with more focus, and gather more profound insights into the performance of your campaigns. You can use these insights to find the reasons for the deviations in your campaigns. Also, it helps you to make your future campaigns more targeted and engaging.

4. Optimize your marketing budget

Engage360 Dashboard helps you understand the right channels to engage users and convert them. Hence, you can redirect the budget towards the best-performing ones, and restrict the under performing channels. Consequently, your marketing budget is utilized in a better way and improves ROI efficiently.


Dashboards and analytics are two crucial parameters that help you to understand the performance of the multi channel marketing campaigns. Further, they help you collect the data and handle them in a more meaningful way. Besides, they allow you to optimize your marketing budget by fine-tuning your marketing activities.

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