HTML5 is In. Flash Out!


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Google Chrome announced that they will ‘intelligently pause’ Flash content that is not central to the webpage. The central content though will run seamlessly. For example, animations on an ad will not play unless the user clicks on the ad. A second click will then take her to the landing page. This essentially renders Flash ads ineffective since it isn’t capable of capturing eyeballs anymore. With this update Chrome will optimize the battery consumption of devices – studies reveal that Flash video reduces battery life 17% more than HTML5 on laptop and 12% more on tablet. Chrome will go live with the update in September 2015.

We at Vizury couldn’t agree more with Chrome. We have been advocating the principle of universal technology across devices and platforms for a while now. On those lines, HTML5 has always been our preferred ad platform for the obvious reason that it is much more powerful and efficient than the alternative.

Here’s a quick comparison that tells you why?

Html5 and flash comparison (1)

That’s not all. Here are five more reasons why we love HTML5:

  • HTML5 is absolutely mobile friendly. Mobile browsers are compatible with HTML, therefore creating mobile-ready content is that much more easier. 50% of internet users use mobile as the primary device for browsing the internet. With mobile dominating the mobile space in terms of content consumption and online transactions, HTML5 is clearly the way forward.
  • HTML5 is responsive to the screen size of your device, Flash isn’t. Users can always have access to the best available version of content on any device they prefer. Your ads will look great, irrespective of where the user views it.
  • Plays videos, animations and music without any additional plug-ins. Developers can use JavaScript to create graphics and animations.
  • Adapts to the browser you use and optimizes content accordingly – no restrictions there either.

And… HTML5 is free 🙂

We at Vizury believe that ensuring a superior user experience is vital and ROI will follow. The brands we work with also concur with our belief to place users at the center of everything we do. By September 2015, all of Vizury’s campaigns will work with HTML5 ads. Our campaigns will be perfectly compatible and run seamlessly across devices, platforms, browsers and screen sizes. This, we believe is yet another step in our march towards offering a flawless brand experience that is not bracketed into channels and devices but spans across the digital world.

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