Boost your retention with in-app notification

Push notifications have become a mainstream mode of sending marketing communication to your users. Android web push notifications and app push notification can engage and retain your users with timely promotions, updates, and relevant product information.

However, push notifications have some limitations. First, you need the users’ consent before you send them the push messages. Let us assume you have that. Here comes the second issue – push notifications can be turned off by users from their device. When users disable the push notifications from you, your marketing communication will not reach them in any way.

Well, if you got worried about learning this fact, let me show a way around. If your users have turned off the push notifications, you can still reach them with In-App Messages. In-app messaging, are quite similar to android app notification but work differently.

What are in-app messages or notifications

As mentioned earlier, in-app notifications work similarly to push notifications. However, there is a difference. For in-app notifications to work the user needs to be on the apps they must be active on the app. In-app notifications are sent to the users when they are using the app.

What makes in-app notification better than push notification is the fact that in-app notifications do not require any permission from the users. Therefore unlike push notifications why you cannot send a message to users who have opted out in-app notification helps you to reach even them.

So if you are curious to know how In-App notifications improve the retention rate, let me explain it to you. in-app notifications help you to improve the user experience on your apps. In addition, it helps you to send relevant messages to users who have opted-in to receive your message as well as the people who have opted out. Since the number of users, you can reach increases the chances of making more conversion improves too.

Moreover, some marketers use in-app notifications even to ask for positive reviews and ratings of the app. Since the in-app messaging is triggered when a user spends some time on the app or opens the app you can expect a better engagement from them.

Now that you know the benefit of using in-app notifications you must look to optimize the channel according to the user behavior. Therefore, you must know the best practices for sending in-app notifications to improve the performance of your marketing channels.

In-app messaging best practices

Before telling you what are the best practices for in-app messaging let me give you an impression of how much engagement you can generate with it. Statistics show that in-app messages can increase your engagement by 3x and conversions by 4x.


Hence as a marketer, you must leverage in-app messaging to send out your marketing communications. The following are considered as the best practices for in-app messaging.

1.   Design the in-app message according to the user persona

When you are sending the in-app push notifications, design it according to the users who will be receiving it. It helps your users find much for relevance to your messages and connect with them better.

2.  Use proper segmentation for filtering out your users

You cannot create the same message and expect to connect with all your users with it. Therefore, you must always filter your users according to their needs by segmenting them into multiple categories. It helps to target your users better as you know what kind of messages they will find more interesting. It helps you to increase the engagement rate and retain them better.

3.  Use a compelling headline

Nothing is as important as the first impression of your in-app message. Hence, you must use proper and a compelling headline that makes the message clear to the users immediately as they see them.

4.  Use a proper CTA for your messages

CTAs are important for any kind of marketing message to send to users. CTAs are a powerful tool for redirection even in email and push notifications, and in-app, notification is no different. Along with the compelling headline, you must also design your CTAs in such a way that it stands out off the background and redirect the users to the exact page that you want them on.

5.  Use relevant images and the most important information on your message

Along with the headline and the CTA you must use relevant images of high quality and curate your message in such a way that it provides value to the users. Using value proposition or defining the objective of clicking on the message is essential to get your user convinced.

6.  Use in-app messaging to cross-sell and upsell products

In-app messaging is a particularly important tool for sending out promotions of your products. In addition, you can also leverage this marketing channel to cross-sell and upsell your products as a part of a package or individually. Cross-selling and upselling allow you to know users better, provide them with products they need, and generate more revenue due to the increase in sales value.

7.  Use a part of multichannel marketing

Reaching new users through one marketing channel and believing that it would generate you revenue is a thing of the past now. Multichannel marketing is here and in-app messaging can be an essential part of it. For instance, you can send an email or push notifications about a few products and send an in-app message at the same time. It helps you to create a formidable user journey and retain your users better.

Carrying out these practices and making your in-app notification effective, you need a proper multichannel platform. Vizury’s In-App notification allows you to send personalized App Notification and recommend relevant products along with the product image, price which are clickable, scrollable, brand-aligned, deep-linked with in-app product views across App (iOS & Android).

Vizury’s platform can help you to create in-app messages with all the features mentioned above. Moreover, it can also add a few more benefits, such as:

crm image

1.  Engage your users within your App:

Now you can engage your users when they on the app with Vizury’s platform with relevant messages for better retention. Also, you can use rich graphics, customized messages and more to improve the overall user experience on your app.

2.  Real-time Segmentation to target your audience:

Segmenting your users and sending them relevant messages works great. However, what works better is the real-time segmentation feature from Vizury, which lets you understand the user behavior in real-time and target them with messages that convert.

3.  Create Custom templates based on your requirements:

When you are designing the in-app message, you need to create it according to your needs. Custom templates allow you to tweak your in-app message to match your requirements and improve the performance of your campaigns.

4.  Schedule In-App notification for multiple events:

You can now launch your in-app message campaigns for multiple events by scheduling them to your likings. As the Vizury platform is completely automated, you never miss out on the schedule and can look to engage your users better.

5.  Emoji / CTA button support:

Emoji and CTA are essential parts of any marketing communications. Vizury platform gives you complete freedom in creating the in-app messages with relevant CTAs and use emojis as you need them.


As you can see in-app notifications either alone or as a part of multichannel marketing can be an effective strategy to adopt. Moreover in-app messaging becomes quite engaging as the users who receive them do it when the open your app. Since you can target both obtain opted out users through in-app messaging you have better chances of convincing your users to keep buying from you.

If you are looking to include in-app messaging as a part of your marketing strategy feel free to get in touch with us at

Sandip Acharyya

A former metallurgical engineer, Sandip switched to be a digital marketer and writer. In Vizury, he shares his experience on retargeting and push notifications, to help entrepreneurs and marketers to improve their marketing ROI. He likes to spend his leisure reading books, watching movies, and making music. Get in touch with him on Twitter or LinkedIn.

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