Engage360 Omnichannel User Journey – Key To Great User Experience

In today’s world, consumers are more connected than they were a couple of decades ago. Besides, they have the complete product information and can buy them as per their choices.

Not only the behavior of the consumers, but the channels they are active on has also become more sophisticated. The complexity of these has created an challenging environment for marketers to improve their reach and engagement.

However, the growth in the number of channels consumers are using has also raised several new possibilities. Marketers can increase their reach and visibility through all these channels, acting as multiple touchpoints, and look to engage their users.

Yet, engaging the users is a parameter that the marketers often fall short off. Thus, when it comes to improving user engagement, nothing acts better than a user journey.

How User Journey can still be ineffective

User journeys are meant to understand the actual steps that the users take before they convert. However, sometime the user journey strategy still fails due to inefficient handling of the multiple channels.

As a marketer, creating a compelling user journey is crucial. User journeys are the visual representation of the user actions at every stage of the marketing funnel until they finally convert.

Further, every stage in the user journey adds to the user experience and contributes to the final decision-making by the users. Hence, even a small mismatch with the user expectation at any stage of the user journey can lead to a different result in your conversion metrics.

The user experience can be affected due to several reasons. The users might be demotivated by the channel path used to target them, or the communication may not match their expectations. In any of these cases, the result will be a dissatisfied user who may not eventually convert.

Engage360 User Journey helps you to create a seamless user journey, considering all these challenges. It lets you create the user journey according to the user personas. Therefore, campaigns designed with Engage360 gives you more choices about using the user data to its potential.

Further, the platform helps you to understand the pain-points and effective touchpoints of your users. It also helps you to leverage the user insights collected from all the marketing channels in unison. Hence, creating efficient marketing campaigns becomes convenient as you can provide a better user experience with Engage360.

Engage360 User Journey:Efficient method to create a seamless User Journey

While developing a comprehensive and seamless user journey, you need to communicate with your users as real humans. However, it might become quite difficult in relaying the personal touch to your users. Engage360 allow you to tackle the issue due to its simplicity of use to create campaigns.

Engage360 works on the condition of triggering a communication based on your user’s action. Thus, your interactions become more human-like, resulting in a seamless experience to the users. As your users get their concerns addressed, naturally the engagement increases.

Let me give you an example to explain the case better. Suppose you select the users visiting your home page and send a message to them via an email. As per their response, your user journey can send another message over a different channel to them. Therefore, you can guide your users to convert over several touch-points giving them a better experience.

Modern consumers are used to making their own decision when they want to buy your product. Engage360 allows you to control user-intrusive communication so that your users feel entitled and in control of their personal judgment.

The Omnichannel approach of Engage360 User Journey 

Engage360 allows you to reach out to your users at different stages of the marketing process using an omnichannel approach.

Now, omnichannel marketing platform resembles communicating with users across channels and touch-points. However, a seamless and true omnichannel experience requires all the channels and touch-points to interact and share the data among themselves. Engage360 lets you to send communication across channels using the data from all the channels and user touchpoints.

Therefore, using Engage360, you can engage your users according to their actions across channels and touch-points. More importantly, you can do it without any risk of user cannibalism over different touchpoints.

So, the user journey acts as an intelligent system, which knows of the users’ needs, the stages they are on, and their communication preference to guide them to complete the purchase faster.omnichannel user journeyThe omnichannel capabilities within the user journey builder helps you to  have complete control over their marketing drives. You can set up the campaigns conveniently, design the journey with ease, include or exclude touchpoints and marketing channels, and be more efficient with the communication path.

Other than the control, convenience, and efficiency, optimizing your marketing budgets becomes more effective. Thus, you can choose to exclude the touchpoints your users don’t use much often. It enables you to save your marketing dollars, which you can put into some different uses.


Engage360 omnichannel user journey is a platform that allows you to collect, analyze, consider and use the data collected from all your marketing channels more efficiently. It makes your marketing communication more engaging as the platform lets you take your users’ preferences into consideration too. Further, it gives you a unified dashboard to measure the success of your campaigns.

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