Making sense of data this GOSF

The way consumers behave online today, there’s colossal amount of data that is getting generated and marketers are faced with making sense of this. Every time there’s an e-sales fest around the corner, this scenario gets more complicated. Here are some aspects to keep in mind as you plan for GOSF this year.

The ‘Window Shopping effect’:

As you know, traffic to your website increases 2 to 3 days ahead. These are trips buyers make to your website to plan shopping- typically looking at products they are interested in and the offers. We call this the ‘Window shopping effect’.

window shopping

While you don’t see any raise in sales during this period you have invaluable user intent information available with you. Make use of user behavioural data while planning your laying your strategy for the sales fest.

Unifying data:

Businesses today interact with the consumer through desktop and mobile websites, social media, apps, retail stores etc. The various touch points with the consumer generate tons of consumer behavior data, stored in different formats with different teams in your organisation. This data generally lies unused or under-used by the relevant functions. Bringing all this data together and mapping user profiles will help get a better insights.

How much is too much?

Sales fests is all about discounts and you know this best. Your buyers are out there looking for the best deal. Albeit, it is not the huge discount but the value savings that buyers look for. For example: here are some interesting facts that surfaced when a leading e commerce player in India had a festival sale earlier this year.

What happened with an E commerce company in a sales fest

Aggregate past purchase data, ad click data and products viewed to determine the offers and discounts and lure swarm of buyers to your website.

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