Marketing Declutter Series (02)- How does Offline data impact Online Marketing?

Activate omnichannel personalization using your online and offline data across channels including second screen engagement for personalized advertising that is powered by predictive analytics and is optimized with programmatic buying for a marketing strategy that works.

We spoke about this statement last week and then discussed what omnichannel personalization meant with the help of a classic use case. Continuing this series of 5 articles, today let’s have a look at the second jargon in the sentence – online and offline data.

Well it’s pretty simple. Most of us know what it means. It literally means online data (data from online sources – clickstream, app) and offline data (data from offline sources – CRM data, events, emailers, ATM, call center)

However, what is the significance of these online and offline data? How can a brand make use of its offline data to impact its online marketing? Those are the questions we will be trying to answer with this use case.

marketing declutter series 2

Let’s say you are a bank. Getting more customers to use your bank’s payment wallet is one of the key objectives that you are pursuing. Here’s how you can use your customers’ offline data to achieve this. You have tons of offline customer data available, one of them is their debit card transactions. Now, the debit card transactions for Asha over the last quarter tell you that she has purchased from the fashion retailer Myntra’s app 3 times in the last 2 months. And the average value of these transactions is around INR 2200. What this means is that Asha frequently buys from Myntra.

marketing declutter 2_offline data

Knowing this, you can personalize your website banners for Asha every time she logs in. For example, the next time Asha visits your website, your website banner can say “25% off on Myntra app if purchased through your wallet”.

marketing declutter 2_myntra example

This is personalization in its true sense. You are targeting a loyal customer with an attractive offer while persuading her to use your wallet for the payment.

This is the simplest of use cases where a brand can make use of its offline data (debit card transactions) to drive personalized marketing online (website).

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Next week, we’ll talk about ‘second screen engagement’.

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