How Engage360 Omnichannel Marketing Platform Powers You To A Unified & Single Source Of Truth

We have all heard the story of five blindfolded people trying to figure out the shape of an elephant. Each of them touched a different body part of the elephant and perceived its complete form as they felt. However, if they can see the elephant, they would have known that all of them are far away from the truth.

Coming to the marketing domain, the situation often becomes like the one mentioned above for marketers when they work in a team. Everyone believes their version to be accurate and thinks the other person is wrong. Yet, they forget that there is a possibility that everything can be a truth, and the incorrect version is the perception of an individual mind.

When it comes to marketing your brand through different channels, using different content and communication methods, and target a diverse group of users, the tasks become too overwhelming. Moreover, the campaigns are often dependent on multiple data points, collected and stored in different data silos. Consequently, the marketing drives rely mostly on perceptive user touchpoints, rather than on a unified source of truth.

What is a single source of truth, and how to find it?

From a marketer’s perspective, understanding the single source of truth is crucial. The issue with any marketing drive is not the availability of data, but the choosing which numbers to use. With a unified and singular point of truth, alignment becomes the core value, rather than the quantity of data. Thus, you know which numbers to focus on and how to leverage them to improve the intent of your campaigns.

When you look towards a unified source of truth in your marketing activities, you cannot ignore the importance of omni channel marketing. Additionally, the following omnichannel trends could be the way forward to find the single source of truth.

1. Convergence of AdTech and MarTech 

AdTech and MarTech are two parallel domain that works on two different principles. Besides, the platforms and tools they need to perform separately too. However, unless there is a convergence of AdTech and MarTech stack happens, true omnichannel marketing cannot function efficiently. The convergence of these two would enable marketers to select and use the data in multiple silos in unison. Consequently, the marketing activities can become more data-dependent, targeted, and hyper-personalized resulting in better engagement and conversions.


2. User data management

User data is the key to improve the performance of any marketing activity. The omnichannel marketing trend is moving towards an effort to identify actionable user data, and to use them judiciously. The key to recognizing these data points is through the user touchpoints and their online behavior. Moreover, the analysis of the user data needs to focus on singularity across channels. Therefore, the success of any omnichannel marketing will depend on unified dashboards, which can collect and use data in a more efficient way.


3. Data visualization and data analytics

When you are looking to get more conversions and retention through marketing campaigns, you must be aware of your omnichannel user journey through the marketing funnel. Users search for a better experience and can stop responding to your marketing communication if they are not satisfied. The omnichannel marketing will concentrate more on this by visualizing the user data in more comprehensive ways.


4. Tech disruptions

Artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms are no longer the things of the future. These tech disruptions are very much part of our life now, and marketers would be leveraging them more in the coming years. AI and ML can be used to gather user data, pinpoint the user interests efficiently, and do much more in engaging them with the right content across their touchpoints. Moreover, tech-assisted abilities like intelligent product recommendations based on users’ interest and online behavior would become more prominent.

How Engage360 Omnichannel Marketing Platform helps you to find the unified source of truth?

As a marketer, you handle all your marketing campaigns using multiple tools and platforms. They help you to reach your users and promote your brand. While doing so, you generate a massive amount of data from these platforms.

When you have multiple platforms or channels, the data from them lose value if they don’t interact among themselves. Now, when you communicate through these channels, the users will be getting repetitive messages, leading to poor user experience. Moreover, handling multiple platforms becomes challenging for marketers. Therefore, switching to omnichannel marketing is a better option for marketers.

Engage360 is an omnichannel marketing platform, which can guide you to a unified source of truth. The platform uses data from both AdTech and MarTech channels. Hence, you get a complete picture of your user’s interests, behavior, browsing history, and can gauge his intention towards converting.

Also, Engage360 lets you engage your users for free using CRM channels, and subsequently through programmatic ads to convert them. Since the data is exchanged between AdTech and the MarTech stack, you can avoid issues like user cannibalism too. Further, you can provide a seamless experience to your users, thus engaging them better.

Engage360 also leverages the AI and ML algorithms to power your marketing drives. You can automate your campaigns and reach your users based on their actions and interests. Additionally, you can leverage features like product recommendations, real-time programmatic bidding, and other such feature to increase the chances of converting them. Also, you can check the performances of your marketing campaigns using a single dashboard, instead of toggling between several other platforms.

Engage360 allowse the data from all the marketing and programmatic channels to be exchanged, which leads to the convergence of your MarTech and AdTech stack to reach your marketing goals.


Marketing depends on user data, but your efficiency depends on seeing the unified source of truth about your users. Engage360 omnichannel marketing platform helps you to seek the truth and drive your campaigns effectively to increase conversions and retention.

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