An Ultimate Guide to Web Push Notification Migration

Web Push Notification Migration from one vendor to another might seem cumbersome. However, you will be surprised to know how easy it is on Vizury’s platform.

Let us see how websites operating on HTTPS protocol can migrate their subscribers from one web push notification platform to the other without losing users in the process. Moreover, while explaining the process, we have answered some of the most frequently asked questions.

With respect to migration, who should own the Domain and the Subscriber?

1. Domain Ownership:

With respect to web push notifications migration, the domain ownership should always lie with the client, that is you. This is advisable as every subscription is bound to the domain the user is subscribed to.

2. Subscriber Ownership:

The subscriber ownership lies with us. Therefore, the ownership of the GCM project is with Vizury.

Migration checklist:

Subscription Domain GCM details Is migration Possible? Own Yes Vendor’s Yes Own No Vendor’s No

As a user visits a website, he gets a prompt to subscribe to push notifications. When he clicks on the “Allow” button, the domain registers a service worker and manages communication using push notifications for subscribed users.

How does web push notification migration works?

A service worker is a script that runs in the background. In addition, it is responsible for owning and controlling the web pages of the domain, at the installation location. Service workers are deployed on the top-level root of your website, on the same location as “Manifest.json”.

Thus, when a subscriber is due to get a new notification, the service worker takes over. Moreover, they display the notification to the subscriber and redirects the user to a landing page.

The identification name of the Service Worker differs from vendor to vendor. The nomenclature for Service Worker at Vizury is “vizuryServiceWorker.js”.

Migrating Push Notification Users

a.  Do the NEW Users need to be migrated?

There is no need to migrate the new users. Whenever a new visitor comes to your website, it will prompt them as usual.

b. Will the old subscribers be prompted again for a subscription?

There will be no prompt for the old subscribers again for a subscription. In the background, the registered service worker on the user’s browser will receive an update and will process accordingly. Alternatively, it means that you will be able to send notifications using Vizury, the new service provider.

Existence of more than one vendor

a. Can I use both, old as well as the new vendor to send notifications?

You can do it. However, it isn’t considered a good practice. This is because sending notifications from the older vendor might bring back migrated users. Additionally, always ensure to send notifications from the new platform.

b. Will subscribers get two notifications in-case there are two vendors sending notifications?

Well, the answer is no. Therefore, subscribers won’t receive the same notification twice, as they are registered to the same domain.

How long will it take to migrate all subscribers?

There is no fixed duration as it depends completely on repeat visits. However, the higher the frequency of repeat visits, the faster the migration of users.

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