Mobile Marketing Platform: Are you stuck with an old school tool?

Marketing Automation Tools have always been rule-based. And this trend started with email marketing automation tools. The marketer was expected to know whom to send an email to, what message needs to be sent & the automation tool would send emails to thousands of subscribers. This worked well in the early computing days when value-add meant automating mundane tasks using computers.

The Mobile Marketing Automation landscape today

So much has changed since then. With the advent of Mobile Apps, a major chunk of email marketing got ported over to Mobile Notifications. Since Push was presumed to reach users anytime via the mobile, Push automation (sending a Push notification out to thousands of Mobile App users) took prominence in many mobile marketing strategies.

These mobile notifications were sent to broad user segments and were not really relevant to every user. And so a whole new category of products called “Mobile Marketing Automation” was born. Companies like MixPanel, MoEngage, Localytics, LeanPlum, Appboy & Kahuna lead the pack as “Poster Boys” today.

So, what went wrong?

But there’s something amiss with all of these tools. This was first felt when marketers saw that 90% of users either ignored or unsubscribed from Push Notifications.

While porting the mass segmentation & mass emailing feature-set to Mobile Notifications, the Machine Learning improvements (that have happened over the last decade) were missed out.

Today, with Machine Learning algorithms, you can predict what product/service each of your app users will want next. With such razor sharp insights, you can target every user with extremely personalised push notifications multiplying the probability of a sale. Such focused conversations with every user help you retain and grow loyal app users.

Executing millions of personalized conversations in real-time – now, that’s Mobile Marketing Automation in it’s true sense.

Now, how to choose a Mobile Marketing Platform?

Before choosing a mobile marketing platform, ask yourself the following questions:

1. Does this platform figure out whom to target, on its own or does it expect me to tell?

2. Does it suggest messages that meets your business goals- depending on what worked and what didn’t?

3. Does this platform care for my marketing dollars? Does it pick and show an optimum channel (Push, email, third party app /social display) for user engagement to make sure my marketing dollars are spent well?

It’s time to get machine- learning do the job for you!

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