Multi-Channel Customer Engagement Platform: What It Is and Why You Need It Now?

The days of enticing a user through a newspaper ad or a giant billboard are long gone. Users, in today’s world, look to be in complete control while making purchasing decisions. They want to buy only the products that they deem fit, and under their terms and conditions.

This means, as a marketer, you need to communicate with the users in a way that allows them to be in control of the buying process. So, your marketing communication should be more focussed on engaging the users by understanding their needs and providing the relevant products and services.

However, engaging the users is a task easier said than done. Therefore, you must communicate through the right marketing channel to reach out to your users and improve their engagement. Nevertheless, one issue might still act as a cog in your well-oiled marketing strategy, i.e. identifying the right channel.

How to choose the right marketing channel

Choosing the right marketing channel is one of the key marketing strategies that marketers look to zero-in on. This is because selecting the right channel is crucial to take care of the leaks in the marketing funnel.

Although there are several channels that you can use, they come down to two primary ones. They are marketing through Owned Media and Paid Media. These marketing strategies are most trusted and can be leveraged your marketing.

Recently, marketers have understood the value of Advertising and are spending huge budgets non-different channels. There are separate teams for social, user acquisitions, re-targeting and CRM marketing to engage & retain your online customers. When each of these channels are used individually they will cannibalizing each other due to which each channel are not leveraged to its full potential.

This is where a multi-channel customer engagement platform fares better in Reaching, Acquiring, Engaging and Retaining your users better. So, without waiting further, let’s delve into the concept of reaching users through multiple marketing channels in an intelligent way.

The evolution of multi-channel customer engagement platform

By definition, multi-channel marketing is the strategy that combines both paid and owned media to engage the users towards your brand. It is particularly important as almost 72% consumers prefers to connect with businesses using multi-channel marketing strategy.


Multi-channel has the potential to change your marketing strategy. It can help you to increase your brand awareness, improve user interactions, and integrate your marketing strategy. Moreover, it allows you to handle your campaigns in a more targeted way. Some of the most important benefits of multi-channel marketing are explained in the following section.

Benefits of multi-channel engagement

As we said, the benefits of a multi-channel customer engagement platform are many. However, Let’s have a look at some of the key factors.

i)  More awareness

Multi-channel customer engagement platforms aims at widening the top of your marketing funnel. Therefore, it helps you to understand the touchpoints of the users and curate accurate marketing messages to improve brand awareness.

ii)  Engaging content

Multi-channel marketing allows you to engage your users with multiple content formats across channels. Hence, you can reach them on social media, or through an advertisement, with a product details brochure or a display ad. Since different users interact with different content formats, multiple channels and formats help you to engage them accordingly.

iii)  Better visibility

Your users interact differently on several marketing channels. Multi-channel customer engagement platform allows you to leverage all these channels and target them with the right messages. Moreover, these messages can be sent to the users according to the different stages of their marketing journey. Consequently, brand visibility among your users increases.

iv)  More user insights

Since you can reach out to your users through multiple channels, you can gather more data about their behavior. Additionally, this data can provide you with insights about the action they might be taking once they come across your marketing communications.

Challenges of multi-channel platform and what to do about it

Despite the benefits of multi-channel marketing, you might be facing some challenges to achieve success. The most pressing issues to your multi-channel marketing plans can be:

i)  Strategizing your marketing moves

Multi-channel marketing can help you to improve your revenue, but unless you have a strategy to use, it might fail. Multi-channel marketing allows you to use different channels or mediums to reach your users. However, you need a marketing strategy to understand and use user behavior on the customer engagement platform.

ii)  Handling complexity

As the number of channels to reach your users increase, so does your data points. Moreover, understanding these data is crucial to gather actionable insights about your users. In the end, understanding the data allows you to learn your users’ behavior and target them with proper marketing collaterals.

As you can see, tackling these challenges is the key to the success of multi-channel marketing. Therefore, you need to select the right customer engagement platform to handle the massive amount of data points. It will help you to create the most appropriate marketing communication for your users.

Vizury Engage 360 is one such platform that helps you to control your campaigns completely. It helps you to reach your users using multiple mediums to improve your reach and visibility. Moreover, as your visibility and reach increase, so does your revenue due more engagements and conversions.

Vizury Multi-Channel Customer Engagement Platform

When you start using Vizury, you must know the capabilities of the platform. The Vizury leverages both paid and owned media channels, which allow you to reach your users seamlessly. The channels are:

vizury's CRM platform

1)  App-push

One of the most engaging mode of communicating with your users, app-push allow you to send personalised push notifications. Moreover, you can send a scheduled message to your users even if they are not using the app.

2)  Web-push

Web push is another form of push notifications that is sent to the users via a browser. Since, web push doesn’t require any app installation and can be sent on both desktops and mobile, the reach is enhanced, allowing you to engage more with users.

3)  In-app

In-app push is sent through the mobile app installed on the user device. It acts as an extra layer of promotion using contextual advertising and user behavior.

4)  Email

As mentioned, email is the oldest marketing channel. Therefore, you can use it along with other marketing channels to improve user engagement.

5)  SMS

Vizury also allows you to send messages through SMS for promoting your products. It is particularly helpful in situations where the user has no internet connectivity but is connected to a mobile network.

paid channels

6)  Facebook

As an Authorized Facebook Marketing Partner, leverage Facebook and Instagram to grow conversions. Additionally, you can gather more data to use Facebook advertising and target the users you want.

7)  Programmatic display

This channel allow you to leverage the power of real-time bidding, which improves the visibility of your promotional ads. Moreover, the bids and ad space can acquired automatically, and on a real-time basis, making the process smoother than manual handling of the campaigns.

8)  Video ads

As high-speed mobile internet has made online streaming into a child’s play, you can use it for promoting your product through video ads. In addition, you can insert your ads at the beginning and end of content or can use them intermittently.

All the marketing communications across these channels are created according to the user preference. Therefore, the ads becomes more relevant and engaging, irrespective of the platform running it. With an increased engagement, you can improve the conversion rates and revenue of your brand.

Are you ready?

Since engaging the users is important to generate more conversions, marketers need to reach out to them via the channels that users interact more. Multi-channel marketing strategies provide you with more than one way to engage your users.

Moreover, multi-channel marketing helps you to optimize your marketing budget by gaining optimum user insights. Subsequently, a comprehensive multi-channel customer engagement platform is a powerful weapon in your armory.

Let us know if you are looking to know more about multi-channel customer engagement platform. Get in touch with us to know how to leverage the platform for maximum result.

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