[New Feature] Dynamic Emails with our Mobile Marketing Platform

There’s some exciting news I would like to share. We have just launched “Dynamic Emails”, a new feature available on our Mobile Marketing Platform. Using this feature, online commerce marketers like you will be able to reach both website and app users with highly personalized emails, enabling you to further improve your overall marketing effectiveness.


What are Dynamic Emails?

These are highly personalized emails that can be sent out to your target audience based on their intent and activity. And these mails can be personalized for every single user that you want to reach.

Inner workings: Dynamic Emails with Vizury’s Mobile Marketing Platform

  • Real-time data: Our platform gathers behavioral data from your website/app and analyses them at a user level. This helps in determining the user’s intent and generating relevant product recommendations/offers.
  • 1:1 personalization at scale: The platform allows you to create niche target segments and engage them with personalized content.
  • Rich media: The platform draws relevant product images, description, recent price via a live product feed. These parameters are included within the email.
  • Reach across devices: Reach users even when they are not available on desktop and social websites/apps.

Some use cases to try with Dynamic Emails

There are a bunch of things that you can do with Dynamic Emails. Here are some typical use cases that you must try.

  1. Send “First Buy” offers to new users and prompt them to complete a purchase.
  2. Retarget cart drop offs by sending a quick reminder email about the pending purchase. This could be an event based trigger.
  3. Everytime a product price drops, the platform can trigger emails to users who have carted that product to prompt a purchase.
  4. Retain inactive users with personalized re-engagement offers. These could be tailored based on last activity, inactive period to generate product/segment level recommendations.
  5. Our platform’s machine learning capabilities allow you to build user personas and map them for look-alike recommendations via emails. You can use this feature to cross-sell/upsell relevant products.


We are thrilled with the beta results of dynamic emails. Typically, static emails sent out by ecommerce brands get upto 2.5% CTR. Dynamic Emails sent out from Vizury’s Mobile Marketing Platform garnered upto 3X higher CTR. Also, these emails were able to drive significant improvement in conversions as well.

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