[New Guide] Eyewear Market: The Ultimate Guide to Boost Sales and Customer Loyalty

In 2020, global sales for eyewear products fell by 12% due to the COVID-19 pandemic and forced brands to think outside the box. That being said, the eyewear industry has seen a digital shift. Today, major eyewear brands are exploring eCommerce as a viable option to recover their lost market share. 

In 2020, eCommerce sales accounted for 12% of global sales but were accelerating rapidly, jumping by three percentage points from 9% of global sales in 2019. And, post the pandemic-era embracing digital modes will be crucial for all eyewear categories and brands, as market players need to maintain consumer engagement, despite social distancing measures, increased time staying at home, and in case of other major disruptions. 

Our latest guide discusses these challenges in-depth and how businesses in this space can find solutions to jumpstart their growth. Here are the major highlights from our latest Guide — Eyewear Market: The Ultimate Guide to Boost Sales and Customer Loyalty:

  1. An Overview of the eyewear industry in 2020 and present
  2. The various challenges eyewear retailers need to overcome
  3. Specific solutions and use-cases to kickstart your online eyewear store growth
  4. How to maintain customer engagement and loyalty with omnichannel marketing 

And a lot more. Get the guide today.

Yash Vardhan

Yash handles product and content marketing at Vizury. Apart from writing he has a keen interest in design, traveling, and playing video games.

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