Notifications: What to Do When Users Opt-Out


What do you do when 60% of your users (iOS) opt out of your push notifications? Andrew Chen, thought leader on all things mobile, has come up with 3 great pieces of advice in his latest article.

Latest data on push notifications released by Mobile Automation Software Kahuna shows that 60% of iOS users opt out of push notifications. Android doesn’t prompt this question. Now, that’s a high number.

Andrew goes on to talk in detail about the opt-in percentage across industries with Ride sharing leading the pack with close to 80% followed by Food & Beverage and Financial services. Social is languishing at the bottom with less than 40%.

There is a plausible justification for these numbers – people tend to opt-in for services that offer functional value in their day-to-day life.

Andrew recommends 3 techniques to get this opt-in percentage up. One of those is ‘hyper-targeted personalized push messages’. I couldn’t agree more. Personalized push notification is the way forward for brands to engage with users and increase chances of monetization.

Push notifications has been the most powerful way for apps to communicate with their users. Personalization is at the heart of today’s user engagement play. App companies have traditionally personalized their messaging at a segment level. While this has shown reasonable results, apps won’t be able to get away with just that anymore. Personalization needs to be at an individual user level to capture attention and boost retention rates.

Here is an example of a user level personalized multi-Push notifications.

This push message is personalized for the user along with his last visited product image.

And here is an example of a multi-product push message. This has 5 other recommended products along with the one the user had visited.

A push message like this one has much better chance of getting your user back to your app instead of a generic message which is just time based. ‘20% off on all casual shirts” is not going to get your user excited. Get personal, its the only way forward. The more time your users spend on your app, the better the chance of that elusive transaction.

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