How Vizury Engage360 helped PetSutra grew Conversions by 7x

Modern marketing now depends on personalized 1:1 communications, rather than being too pushy about selling their products in the last few years. However, as the number of touchpoints and choice of devices increases, the challenges also might increase for a marketer. 

The COVID-19 situation has provided an opportunity for most of the brands, including online pet shops, to rethink their marketing strategy due to the change in the shopping pattern of most of the consumers. Interestingly, as people are forced to stay home, they are finding pets to be playing an important role in their lives, resulting in an increase in demand for pet products

While marketing your pet business, personalization can be effectively achieved by engaging the users across touchpoints and devices. Among the strategies that are most effective, omnichannel marketing can help you here. It can improve your communication with your users on multiple levels and help you to scale up your business.

Omnichannel marketing gives you an opportunity to create a unified shopping experience to address the users’ pain-points. However, you must abide by some of its fundamental if you are looking to create an effective marketing practice and generate a better ROI from your marketing efforts.

Omnichannel marketing for pet stores and their benefits?

Omnichannel marketing is a strategy that the marketers are now adopting to provide seamless marketing experience to the users irrespective of channels or devices. This leverages the marketing channels such as emails, web or app notifications, or social media, and reaches out to users. Therefore, the objective of omnichannel is to provide a consistent and immersive experience to help the users to move towards the bottom of the marketing funnel.

Omnichannel marketing can provide your pet business with several advantages over other marketing techniques. Adopting an omnichannel approach helps you streamline your marketing communications to show your users about what you have to offer. Also, it lets you avoid certain issues such as repetitive communications, channel cannibalizing, opt-outs and churning, and brand fatigue. Instead, you can provide your users on a path towards conversion by streamlining the process of exchange that your users have about your brand. Besides, you can personalize your marketing communication according to the user persona to convert and retain them through omnichannel.

To give you an understanding of how omnichannel marketing might work, we bring you a case study about a leading pet store brand. It will help you understand the issues they faced, the solution implemented, and its impact. 

How PetSutra used Vizury Engage360 omnichannel platform to grow their business

As we are speaking about process optimization, let me share a real-time case study on PetSutra here. It will allow you to understand how an omnichannel strategy functions, and find out the result for yourself.

Let me introduce the company and its objective, to begin with. PetSutra is an online pet supply store, which provides a one-stop solution for delivering high-quality pet supplies such as dog food, supplements, treats, toys, dog accessories. It aims to provide the best products to smaller-sized pets such as Dogs, Cats, Rabbits, Guinea-Pigs, Hamsters, Birds, and Fishes. These animals are procured from multiple locations spread across the world.

PetSutra wanted to adopt an omnichannel strategy to achieve three primary objectives.

1) Drive more user engagement and conversions across all digital channels and devices

2) Reach out to its users who dropped off from product & cart pages to drive revenue and increase customer LTV

3) Offer personalized recommendations and price offers to customers through push notifications, emails and Facebook.

We created a strategy for PetSutra that was aligned with its objectives to drive favorable results. Initially, PetSutra used to interact with customers through multiple channels including web, mobile, email, and social channels. However, it was proving difficult for them to ensure a uniform and seamless user engagement across all channels when they were scaling their business up.

The strategy

We offered PetSutra to solve these issues using our AI-powered omnichannel marketing platform Vizury Engage360. They used it as a campaign management tool to unify their customer experience, drive more engagement and conversions. Vizury’s platform leverages the “Intellibid” algorithm, which Identifies top converting users based on multiple variables. These include time spent on the app, conversion rate, volume of conversions, average order value, and more. Besides, the algorithm classifies users into different buckets and then ensures that the right users are shown the relevant ads or notifications at the right time to increase the conversion rate.

Omnichannel Case Study

PetSutra used Vizury Engage360 primarily to:

1) Send customized 1:1 dynamic push notifications on Web and Mobile

2) Acquire new customers on Facebook with static ads campaigns

3) Target users on Facebook with real-time dynamic campaigns with carousel, collection & video ads with configurable dynamic attributes

4) Retarget users with drop-offs from product and cart pages with periodic alerts ranging from 5 minutes to 12 hours

Using an omnichannel strategy, Vizury Engage360 enabled PetSutra to deliver seamless omnichannel user engagement across channels. These engagement communications addressed the users at different stages of the purchase funnel and eventually driving up the revenue.

The result of these engagement campaigns was quite impressive. PetSutra was able to generate a 5X increase in their CTR and 7X higher dynamic conversions by volume. The ROI was increased by 2X and the performance of dynamic notification was found to perform better than static notifications by 3.5X.

Clearly, adopting an omnichannel strategy by PetSutra had a positive impact and helped them to achieve their business objectives more efficiently


The PetSura case study is a strong testimony of the efficiency of omnichannel marketing done right. Moreover, it shows that sending targeted and relevant messages along the most effective user touchpoints can improve your marketing ROI and revenue generation by quite a notch. 

Are you looking forward to implementing an omnichannel strategy for your pet business too? Just drop in an email at and we will be happy to answer all your queries. Also, if you want to download a copy of the case study, you can download it from here.

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