Why Engage360 Omni Channel Marketing Platform is a silver bullet in your marketing arsenal

The marketing landscape has evolved rapidly in the past two decades. The consumers are more connected, better informed, and have more choices to fulfill their needs. Consequently, marketers face a tougher challenge to engage and convert users today than it ever was.

Additionally, a marketer’s work does not end with activating or converting the users. They also must retain users by helping to increase their LTV. Engagement, conversion, and retention are three key metrics that define the consistency of any marketing drives.

Further,the marketers also must decide the platforms or channels to be used to engage users. With the addition of each platform, the marketing budget, as well as the hassles of managing the data from multiple platforms, increases too.

Therefore, to make your marketing drive more efficient, it is critical to break the silos of your marketing inventory. The key to transforming your marketing strategies to be more productive is by making the data in silos talk to each other. However, the question that most marketers have is HOW?

Engage360 – Breaking Silos In Your Marketing Inventory

When you look to engage your users with your marketing communications, you must understand their behavior. Since your users are on multiple devices and channels, getting insights into their personas might prove to be a difficult task. Thus, you need access to your data across numerous touch-points to design your marketing campaigns.

Additionally, with the number of channels your users are on, the amount of data generated is massive. Besides, most of the data collected are either on CRM or paid platforms, disconnected from each other. No doubt, analyzing the data from such a variety of platforms proves to be a Herculean task for most marketers.

Now, what if you have the data and the insights from all the channels under a single platform? Undoubtedly, managing your marketing drives could become more convenient and less intruding to your users.

And that is precisely what Engage360 Omnichannel Marketing Platform allows you to do. Engage360 is a platform that breaks the silos in real sense. The platform helps you to retain, re-engage, and activate old and new users alike. Moreover, it helps you to acquire high-quality users from the programmatic channels too. Hence, you can increase the customer LTV and drive better revenues to your brand with Engage360.

Engage360 enables your CRM and paid channels to work in sync. Therefore, you can have your CRM channels to engage your users for free, before switching to the paid channels. As the CRM and the paid channels exchange the user data between themselves, you can send the right content on the right channel to the right users.

Engage360 – A platform that takes to all your marketing destination

Engage360 is a platform that lets CRM and paid channels to work together under one roof. Be it an email, or a push notification, or even a retargeting ad, you can potentially leverage all the channels according to your needs.

Let’s have a brief look at their Engage360 features and understand how it can help you in your marketing communications.

1.  App-Push Notifications:

App-push notification is a must-have tool in today’s app-dominated marketing landscape. The Engage360 App-Push notification channel allows you to send personalized information according to the user’s interests. Unique features like e-commerce specific triggers and A/B testing capabilities help you to create campaigns faster. Also, the abilities like real-time user segmentation and the ability to send carousel notifications with six products in a single notification makes your notification more engaging.

2.  Web-push Notifications:

This is the most engaging form of marketing communication in recent time. Sending web push notification using Engage360 helps you to reach your users across all major browsers. You can use multiple templates having small or big-image notification according to your marketing needs too. Also, the channel allows you to automate your campaigns using e-commerce specific triggers. This helps you improve your reach through multiple geos and domains. You can also choose to make your notifications more secure using the one-click HTTPS opt-in for the users.

3.  In-App Notifications:

Your In-App notifications from Engage360 utilizes most of the features of the web or app-push notifications. Additionally, you get custom templates, multiple events notification schedule, emoji and CTA button support, and more to improve your users’ experience more engaging within the app.


4.  Email Marketing Channel:

Email marketing is a common mode of communication for most marketers. Engage360 Email Channel allows you to send triggered emails easily, powered by its intelligent recommendation engine. Also, the WYSIWYG feature makes your emails more interactive and lets you upsell or cross-sell your products more efficiently.

5.  Social Retargeting:

Gone are the days when social media such as Facebook is used for only personal networking. With more than two billion users, Facebook has become the most used social marketing channel for almost every brand. Engage360, being the Authorized marketing partner of Facebook, allows you to deliver relevant, personalized, and seamless brand experiences across all Facebook properties. Besides, you can have early access to new features and scale your business by leveraging unparalleled retargeting performance across Facebook and Instagram.

6.  Static and Dynamic Ads:

Engage360 enables you to create and launch engaging static and dynamic ads on programmatic display networks. You can then distribute them through top global SSPs such as Mopub, Yahoo, Google, and more. Further, the advanced machine learning abilities of the platform lets you show your ads based on search history and recommend other products depending upon the user behavior.

7.  Video Ads:

The use of videos in advertising is an ever-popular method of engaging users. With Engage360, you can create videos of variable length ranging from 15 seconds to one minute. You can dynamically populate the video ads so that you can generate more interaction from your users by increasing their engagement

All the channels mentioned above allow you to create your marketing campaigns more interactive and engaging. You can choose to use each of the channels individually, or you can use them together to form a User Journey. The journey360 from Vizury allows you to create your campaigns using a drag-and-drop interface and by using customized journey path for your user segments. Therefore, you can reach any device with any content using the channels you choose depending upon the user action.

Engage360 enables you to control your marketing campaigns conveniently, using a single platform. Hence, it reduces the necessity of using multiple platforms or the cost associated with them.

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As you can see, Engage360 Omnichannel Marketing Platform gives you an edge as a marketer in a way never before. Moreover, with your data not limited to their respective silos, you can leverage them to make your marketing campaigns more meaningful. Lastly, you would be more prepared to manage and modify your campaigns with the unified dashboard on the Engage360 platform.

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