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Is your App a leaky bucket? Plug the leaks – Predict Uninstall Apps

If a user does not return to your App within the first 7 days of…

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Predicting Your Uninstall Apps: data and a little bit of science

Mobile App marketers spend a significant amount of their resources to driving installs. However they…

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Checklist for increasing online service booking for Airlines through direct channels.

Airlines use Agents, OTAs (Online Travel Aggregators) and their Direct Channels (Website & App) as…

Insurance Needs A Growth Marketing Platform

Insurance Technology Needs A Growth Marketing Platform

First things first, insurance marketers (as well as marketers across industries) are increasingly aligning to…

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Maximize Your ROI with Vizury’s Growth Marketing Stack

Nothing happens in vacuum, including the analytics that you run or expect to run on…

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How Insurance brands can increase User Engagement for free

At Vizury we have a mantra for marketing teams — “FREE BEFORE PAID” — Think free channels before paid….

Tackling push notification opt-outs : One strike and you’re out

What are push messages opt-outs and how to tackle it ?

People usually wake up to find a ton of notifications on their phone, although only…

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How to improve Customer Retention for Android Apps??

If your users don’t come back to your app in 7 days, they are probably…

3 Proven Retargeting Tips for Black Friday Sales

3 Proven Retargeting Tips for Black Friday Sales

A day to go for the Black Friday- Cyber Monday weekend and the shopping frenzy…

Effective Data Management for Advertisers

Effective Data Management for Advertisers

In the first blog of this series, we recognized the motivation for sharing data effectively…

How to Get The Best Baner Ads on Your Website – I

How to Get The Best Banner Ads on Your Website – I

  Advertisement of a product has stepped beyond presenting product information to becoming an engine…

OLAP infrastructure at Vizury

nnAd-Tech companies like Vizury are constantly querying multi-dimensional data based on client’s request or internal…

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