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Q&A: Ecommerce Notifications, A Marketer’s Guide.

ItProPortal recently spoke to Shiju Mathew, VP Mobile at Vizury Engage360 about the role of…

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Launching Vizury Reach- Acquiring New Customers is Now Easy!

Spends on internet marketing surpassed newspaper for the first time ever in 2013, accounting for…

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How Mobile Marketers Can Combat App Churn Rate

Android apps, lose more than 95% of users within the first 90 days and it’s…

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Is your App a leaky bucket? Plug the leaks – Predict Uninstall Apps

If a user does not return to your App within the first 7 days of…

Churn rate-Featured Image

Predicting Your Uninstall Apps: data and a little bit of science

Mobile App marketers spend a significant amount of their resources to driving installs. However they…

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Checklist for increasing online service booking for Airlines through direct channels.

Airlines use Agents, OTAs (Online Travel Aggregators) and their Direct Channels (Website & App) as…

Insurance Needs A Growth Marketing Platform

Insurance Technology Needs A Growth Marketing Platform

First things first, insurance marketers (as well as marketers across industries) are increasingly aligning to…

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Maximize Your ROI with Vizury’s Growth Marketing Stack

Nothing happens in vacuum, including the analytics that you run or expect to run on…

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How Insurance brands can increase User Engagement for free

At Vizury we have a mantra for marketing teams — “FREE BEFORE PAID” — Think free channels before paid….

Tackling push notification opt-outs : One strike and you’re out

What are push messages opt-outs and how to tackle it ?

People usually wake up to find a ton of notifications on their phone, although only…

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How to improve Customer Retention for Android Apps??

If your users don’t come back to your app in 7 days, they are probably…

3 Proven Retargeting Tips for Black Friday Sales

3 Proven Retargeting Tips for Black Friday Sales

A day to go for the Black Friday- Cyber Monday weekend and the shopping frenzy…

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