Push Notification: How To Win Customers In 4 Simple Steps – Acquire, Convert, Engage, & Retain

Push Notification is a message that is delivered on the mobile device or browser by an app/website whether it is active or not. In the technical terms, push notification is an internet-based communication that allows apps and websites to deliver clickable messages on the device screen.

Its common example is ‘message received’ notification of your chat app. Even if the app is not running, your phone will show a notification when someone sends you a text. If the device is not in use, the notification will light up. Depending on your device settings, it can give a voice tone as well.

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Push notifications can be customized to display text and images to give a personalized and intuitive touch, which can gain more engagement.

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Benefits of Push Notification

Push notifications can be a cost-effective solution as marketers can use it to reach users directly on their own media. With a smart and personalized strategy, push notifications can improve campaign metrics, such as Conversion Rate, Click Through Rate, and others.

While other benefits exist, here are some of the clear benefitting differentiation for Push notifications are:

1. Ease of Delivery

As mentioned above, push notifications are compatible with different OS and devices, which enables a smooth delivery. You can set a custom notification banner for each device even though the same creative element can adjust to different screen resolutions.

As consumers are present across devices, push notification increases consumer engagement across devices. So, along with expanding reach, it delivers a quality user experience, which is critical in marketing.

2. Real-time Delivery

Push notification ensures instant delivery to the devices that have an active internet connection. Some providers even offer the option to schedule the delivery as per regional time-zone or user actions to achieve a better response.

3. Transparent Reporting

Push notifications are clickable messages for digital devices. Whether it is over app push or ever browser notification, marketers can track the performance of notification campaigns. An entire funnel can be created to makes it a valuable channel over owned media retargeting. Some push notification services even offer customizable reporting options to track campaigns as per the business needs.

4. Personalized Messages

Even with device and OS compatibility, push notifications can be customized for user behavior. If the user data (such as name, product preferences, etc.) is available, it can use them to be more appealing for the users. A new user could be sent a different message and a high lifetime value user could be sent a different one.

5. Audience Segmentation

Aided with a proper backend algorithm, you can run the push notification campaign for the segmented audience. It means you can target the audience as per their behavior and preference. Such data-driven targeting understands the user preferences and therefore, enhances campaign ROI.

6. Simple and Automated

Most of the leading push notification services give a simplistic dashboard to plan and schedule your campaign. Hence, it simplifies efforts by reducing tech-based errands. Some of them may even offer a dedicated account manager. So, not only you have assistance for campaign setup and creatives, but you also utilize their industry-expertise to boost campaign performance.

Four Steps to Make Best Use of Push Notification

Push notifications can work as a marketing solution for you to reach users at any stage of the marketing funnel. Here is a quick guide at how push notifications can effectively work for you.

Step 1: Acquire

It can reach even on the users, who have not converted. You can run opt-in campaigns to gain user permission to approach them with notifications. Depending on their internet history and intent on your website or app, push notifications can deliver relevant messages across platforms.

So, no matter if your users are using which browsers or apps over desktop, iOS, and Android, you still attract the users using Android app notification, and Chrome web push notification. Once acquired, you can deploy a push notification strategy to convert a visitor into a valuable customer.

Step 2: Convert

It can attract and convert users by offering them custom messages, such as discount offers. Utilizing the available user information for targeting (based on their location, activity behavior), you can improve the conversion rate. Price drop alert, back in stock, sale, etc. are some of the common use cases that are known for enhancing the conversion.

Step 3: Engage

Once the user has installed your app or has visited, you can use the cookies of the devices. Accordingly, you can align web/app notifications with the interest of the user depending on your business model. With the available user data, you can enhance the engagement rate by serving relevant content (like asking for feedback) at the right time.

Step 4: Retain

It plays a crucial role in retaining and enhancing customer lifetime value (CLTV). You can notify the customers about various offers, discounts, related products to their interest, and more to retain the customer and upsell the products.


You can plan a marketing cycle to entertain users with the appropriate notification at various stages. Consistently track the campaign performance at various stages. So, you can look for methods to deliver better results by optimizing the performance.

Some of the push notification providers even offer AI and Machine Learning solutions. It enables an auto-optimization for the campaigns and saves on the manual efforts on your marketing campaigns through Android app notification and chrome web push notification. All it requires is the availability of user data and then it can start looking for optimization scopes.

If you are looking for a solution to run a push notification campaign, you can get in touch with our solutions consultant and schedule a free demo now.

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