Shopify + Vizury: Powerful Customer Engagement Made Easy

As businesses on the Shopify scale, store owners and marketers often find that integrated cross-channel marketing can significantly boost customer conversions and retention. 

Channel-specific marketing, which works well for small businesses, often feels inadequate at scale. Scale necessitates shifting the center of your marketing from channels to  your customer at the center of your marketing

That’s why we’re pleased to announce our newest integration with Shopify!

Vizury now offers a native custom app integration with Shopify, enabling businesses using Shopify to create a truly 1:1, personalized omnichannel shopping experience for all.

Who Will Benefit from Shopify+Vizury Integration?

With the Shopify+Vizury integration, marketers and Shopify business owners like you can take advantage of Vizury’s omnichannel platform and craft truly unique 1:1 personal experiences for their customers, orchestrated across multiple channels and stages of their journey.

The Vizury custom app integration removes all the heavy lifting from the merchant’s end and allows its marketing team to get up and running swiftly. All you need to do is get our Shopify custom app and grant Shopify access to it. 

From there Vizury’s custom app takes over and allows you to:

  1. Easily sync your products from Shopify to our Feed Management System.
  2. Sync and keep track of your inventory with Vizury’s Catalog Manager.
  3. Easily place Vizury smart tags on your Shopify storefront with our Smart Tag Manager.
  4. Real-time synchronization of product updates using webhooks.
  5. Manage your inventory by using our Stocks API.

What Makes it So Powerful?

With Vizury’s integration with Shopify, you can supercharge your online store in ways that can be quite complex when implemented natively. 

One-Stop-Shop for all your Marketing Campaigns

The Vizury Custom App for Shopify unpacks an entire omnichannel engagement platform right within your store. Whether it’s running dynamic email product notifications or personalized push messages. 

With the integration, Vizury can sync all your products directly with Shopify via its feed management system so you don’t need to hop between different platforms to create a personalized email or push campaign. 

Enhance your Onsite and In-app Experience with Vizury

With our newest integration, you can deliver unique onsite and in-app experiences like implementing contextual banners, sliders, and more. 

With our catalog manager and smart tag manager working behind the scenes, you can create a 1:1 relevant experience rather than relying on a generic one-for-all approach. 

Here’s an example, let’s say, a customer is currently in your store looking for a new set of sneakers. While checking out various sneakers listed on the category page on your storefront, he likes one of them and clicks on it. After spending about a minute checking out the details of the sneaker on the product page, you can create smart triggers like a slider on the left-side bottom corner that offers the customer alternatives to the sneaker or a $10 discount using Vizury’s integration with your Shopify brand. Therefore elevating the customer’s experience and helping them make a purchase decision.

Create Customer Segments for Better Engagement

By tapping into Vizury’s omnichannel marketing platform with the Shopify integration, all our users can create smart customer segments based on their historical purchase data, behavior-based data, and more. 

By being able to create your own customer segments and buyer personas, the possibilities are endless when it comes to creating tailored marketing campaigns for these segments. It also allows you to differentiate your messaging based on the segment a customer belongs to, thereby making their store experience furthermore relevant. 

Retail Oriented Platform for Maximum Store Benefits

Whether you’re looking to create a dedicated customer campaign to recover cart-abandonment instances, or you are trying to upsell different products to an existing customer. With the native integration between Vizury and Shopify, we enable marketers to create such campaigns without hopping between multiple platforms.

With our solutions geared towards helping retailers extract the best out of our omnichannel platform in a few taps. And apart from this, our customer success managers and experts will ensure that you are able to achieve your goals from the day you hit “start” on your first marketing campaign. 

Get Started Today!

If you are looking for a powerful platform to help boost customer conversions and retention at scale, and easy Shopify integration, it’s time to check out Vizury.

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