Solving The Mobile Web vs App Puzzle

‘If your plans don’t include mobile, your plans aren’t complete’ – Wendy Clarke, VP Marketing, Coca Cola.

When the VP Marketing of Coca Cola says something, I’d listen to her.

This is not just a fancy quote. It is backed by some solid facts. Let us look at the mobile internet scene in India for instance,

57% of internet users search for content online with their mobile and 58% of users use mobile to purchase products. These are numbers from 2015. India is a massive market for the new age internet consumer.

There are 110 million active mobile internet users in India as of March 2015. 90% of this user base uses mobile app while the remaining 10% uses mobile web. While 10% is a small number, it still amounts to 11 million users.

Mobile is here to stay. And grow. Exponentially. You need to catch up soon if you haven’t already jumped on the wagon.

Cookies on web work perfectly to capture customer or prospect behavior. But, throw in mobile and this gets complicated. The mobile browser uses a ‘cookie’ to identify users whereas the app uses something called a ‘device id’. There is a good chance that one user could be identified as two different users. And you end up serving two different ads to the same person, thereby defeating the purpose of targeted ad spending.

This problem however, can be solved. Here’s a quick presentation on how the mobile web vs app puzzle can be efficiently cracked.

Mobile marketing Tips from Vizury – Growth Marketing Platform

You can now reach your target audience with greater accuracy and realize better ROI on your ad spends.

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