Taking a closer look at advantages of Mobile Marketing Platform

Would it be too obvious if I said apps are taking over mobile commerce? The transition over the past couple of years has been overwhelming in terms of adoption and transactions. As of today, more than 50% of all transactions happening on mobile are from apps across all major markets and this number is only climbing.

However, the invention of mobile apps has made the life of marketers a bit more complex as if it wasn’t already. With this new platform come new channels and new metrics that need to be tracked and new objectives that need to be met. Not surprisingly, a plethora of tools have come up to help app marketers engage with their users and monetize their apps.

But, are the current bunch of tools doing enough or is there something more?

Are your DAUs/MAUs falling in spite of driving intense install campaigns? Has your conversion rate improved at all? How about your uninstall rate?

You can go back and check in sometime. Before you do that, this is important.

Here is a checklist of 10 very important questions you need to ask yourself as you take a close look at your current mobile marketing platform:

1. Is your mobile marketing platform built for E-commerce?
Example: Does it allow you to recommend products that are in trend? Or does it help you  reach out to ‘cart drop off’ users with offers on the respective products?

2. Is the platform designed to drive users down the sales funnel and understand the unique  requirements for e-commerce?
For example, does it allow you to send a push notification to a user when the price of a  product he/she had visited and not bought goes down?
3. Does it understand who your most and least valuable users are?
4. Is your re-engagement communication personalized?
5. Is the platform helping you send push, in-app messages and email based on user  behaviour?

How to choose a mobile marketing platform from Vizury

6. Are you sending the right offers to the right audience? What I mean by this is – stop sending  ‘50% off on ladies ethnic wear’ messages to 20 year olds who have never visited the ethnic  wear category in your app
7. How many channels does your platform support? Does it have Display (Ads), Facebook,  Push, In-App, Video and Native channels to reach out to your users?
8. Are your re-engagement channels operating in silos?
9. Are you sending multiple notifications, emails and in-app video ad messages to the same  users? It spoils user experience and sets in brand fatigue. You don’t want that, especially with  the kind of competition around.
10. Is your platform able to identify which user prefers what channel of communication?

If your answer is not a confident Yes for any of the above questions, it is time to re-evaluate your current platform.

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