The Role of Omnichannel Targeting to Build Effective Brand Connections in a Multi-Screen World

Brands have traditionally viewed consumers through a channel-focused lens. Today’s consumers, however, demand more. This has resulted in blurring the lines between online and offline customer engagement channels. 

We have reached a point where the modern consumer is always digitally-connected and this is important for brands who want to create a holistic experience and provide stellar user experience to their customers. 

On this topic, recently, Anuj Kumar, Co-founder, Chief Revenue & Operating Officer at Affle, chaired a panel discussion at the 4th edition of e4m India Brand Conclave 2020, discussing the role of omnichannel targeting in building effective brand connections. The diverse panel across different industrial verticals spoke about how one can combine data from each available channel, targeting both online and offline audiences and the constantly evolving omnichannel engagement with modern consumers.

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