Three Omnichannel Trends At eTail East 2016

Retail has always been a game of high-stakes, and only those with the right combination of nerve, strategy and the all-important chip-stack find themselves at the table for more than a couple of rounds.

In 2016 the stakes are higher than ever, and the game is constantly changing and evolving. On the cards now is omnichannel retail – fast-paced, highly competitive and, for those that know what they’re doing, highly rewarding.

Keeping ahead of the curve is the only way to stay in the game in 2016. And that’s why Vizury is sponsoring eTail East 2016 – the number one event for ecommerce multi- and omnichannel innovators.


We’re very excited to be participating this year. As we see it, there are three major trends that are shaping the omnichannel game in 2016, and all – plus many others – are being addressed by the all-star keynotes at the conference this year.   

Here’s just a snippet of what you can expect.

Trend #1 – Much More Mobile To Come

We’re almost beyond the point where we can call the emergence of mobile retail and marketing a ‘trend’ any longer – it’s quite simply a transformation. And with such saturation, it is more important than ever to keep up with how consumers are using their devices to research and shop both in and out of store – especially as these devices become increasingly location-aware.  

Trend #2 – Turning Social Into Sales

Whilst the vast majority of purchases still occur in-store, the power of shareable social media content – and particularly video – is still proving to be the driving force behind brand awareness online. But what can retailers do to turn their content from a bit of internet buzz into actual sales, both in-store and out?

Trend #3 – Customer Centricity

Putting the customer experience at the centre of your strategy is not a new concept. However, in the modern world of omnichannel retail, the opportunity to hone these strategies to ever-finer points and begin targeting customers on a micro -level is here. The question, however, is how? How do retailers leverage consumer data and available technology to continue to improve the customer experience across all channels?

Thoryn Stephens speaks on The Future Of Retail And The Convergence Of Customer Centricity, IoT And Omnichannel.

And Gary Mceldowney is on the case of Efficiently Moving Customers Through The Conversion Tunnel To Drive Repeat Purchases, and will also be Taking A Close Look At New Product Ad Channels: What Works And What Doesn’t.

Looking Forward To Seeing You There! 

These discussions form just the tip of the iceberg of what you can expect at eTail East 2016.

The conference is taking place in Boston between August 15th and 18th and is sure to be a buzz. Jam-packed with as much information and networking as fun and entertainment, we hope you can join us in the future of omnichannel at this spectacular event.

Find out more and register for the event at eTail.

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