How Video Ads Could Be A Gamechanger In Your Marketing Arsenal

When you are marketing your brand or products, you need to generate interest in your users. However, you are also wary of the fact that unless you are able to engage the users within a few seconds of them receiving your communications, they might lose interest. Therefore, before you start sending marketing communications, you need a proper strategy to do so.

One of the major requirements for sending out marketing communication is choosing the format of the content. You can send an email, or a notification, or an SMS. However, in the end, they are either textual, pictorial, or a mix of both. Yet, there is a channel has shown quite a lot of promise over decades when it comes to getting your users hooked to your ads.

Many of you might have already guessed about which channel I am speaking off. And you might have guessed it right as well – I am speaking about video ads. Be it a TV screen, or a giant electronic billboard, or even a desktop or mobile screen, a thoughtfully prepared video ad engages the users a lot more than any other marketing channel.

Interestingly, the online ecosystem and the digital marketing has a lot to benefit by adopting video ads. These ads can be used to introduce your product, improve brand recall and loyalty, or even retarget your users. And if the statistics are to be believed, videos are going to form almost 82% of the overall internet traffic by 2022.

Therefore, if you are still not using video retargeting ads as a part of your marketing strategy, you might contemplate including it as soon as you can.

Why Video Ads – The benefits

An average individual spends close to two and a half hours of his day on social media apps. When you average this out over a lifetime its close to 6 years! On the other hand, the average an individual spends is two years of his life in a brick and mortar store or going out and socializing or doing household chores! Therefore, this brings in a lot of opportunities for marketers across the globe, when it comes to videos.

The drive for people to engage with these social media apps is high. Everyone wants to remain connected. There is no doubt that the market leader is Facebook, followed by Instagram and Whatsapp. A rapid increase in user base can be seen across platforms such as Snapchat and Tiktok. Now, the question that arises naturally is about the type of content these people consume on such apps? You might be surprised, but close to half of the content that people consume on these platforms is Video.

Video ads are able to create some ripples in the marketing landscapes, and these are the reasons why:

a)  Users are now watching more videos than ever – with almost a billion hours of video watching each day, marketing using this form of content has become more potent today.

b)  Users can watch videos on mobile devices as well as desktops – statistics shows that mobile devices account for 75% of all the video watches

c)  Ad videos can share more information faster – Relaying information about products and describing them over a video is faster and easier than any other content format

d)  Users love to share video they like – Studies show that almost 92% of the users are likely to share videos with other users while watching

e)  Can help you by increasing the visibility of your ads – Embedding videos, and multiple shares help you to improve your search engine ranking, therefore, improving the visibility of your ads

f)  Video ads performance are measurable – Various metrics like watch time, number of shares, comments, and other parameters help you to gauge the engagement rate of your video ads

How to leverage Video Ads for better results

Content and monetization go hand in hand. Hence, when these social media platforms promote Video Ads, you can see a general shift in delivery. Marketers are not far behind and have realized the importance of tapping their audience on such a medium. 

Ads in the form of video have historically been used for branding purposes as it was a natural transition from TV ads. But the online ecosystem offers more. Thus, there is a ton of data, which coupled together with user behavior, can help you deliver the right content at the right time.

Even without leveraging any kind of promotion, a marketer can still see anywhere better 3x-5x of Click-through Rate (CTR’s) compared to banner Ads. It helps marketers reach a broader base of the audience with rich content and a variety of formats.

Moreover, video ads help you to leverage the power of programmatic ad displays too. Since your video ads can help you to gather extensive user insights, you can optimize them to generate more engagements. Further, added capabilities like cross-device functionalities, targeted delivery, and ease of use help you to scale your marketing efforts quite efficiently.

Now CTR’s are great, people are landing to your intended page, but are they converting through? Statistics say Yes. Powering your video ads with your own and Vizury data can help you get more out of the inventory type. So the next time you think activation, re-engagement or even reach, think Video.


Well, you now know how video ads are actually revolutionizing the ad market in today’s world. The benefits are huge, and unless you want to lose out on this added opportunity, you might want to start doing it soon. And if you are still not convinced, let me tell you that almost 81% of businesses are using video as a marketing tool. So, if you are not doing it, sooner or later your competitors will catch up to you, or even surpass you.

If you are interested to know more about using video retargeting ads or the ways that your business could benefit from them, get in touch with us at We are here to help you out gladly.

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